Water Softeners

Morton System Saver Review

Morton System Saver M30 Water Softener Review (2020)

As a powerful softener, the Morton System Saver M30 reduces hard water issues like dry skin, poor lathering with soap, and spotty dishes. It can remove existing limescale in plumbing and on appliances, and with no hardness causing minerals in water, it’ll prevent new scale from forming.

Fleck 9100sxt Review

Fleck 9100sxt Water Softener Review (2020)

The Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener is a whole home water softener that comes with the added benefit of two alternating tanks that never run out of water. The system has a high flow to treat homes with a high water hardness. It comes complete with a bypass valve to allow you to still access drinking water during maintenance.