Water Filter Pitcher Cartridge Replacement Costs

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Wondering how much you can expect to spend on replacement water filter pitcher cartridges?

Here, we’ve outlined findings from our research on the average cost per replacement filter for a water pitcher, and how much you will probably spend per year on filter replacements. 

📌 Key Takeaways: 

  • The average cost of a replacement water filter pitcher cartridge is $15-$50. 
  • Most pitcher filter cartridges cost $60-$300 per year, depending on how often they’re replaced. 
  • Factors affecting the cost of water filter pitcher cartridge replacements include the filter size and capacity, the brand, the frequency of replacements, the number of cartridges in the package, and the filter quality. 

💲 How Much Do Replacement Water Filter Pitcher Cartridges Cost?

Replacement water filter pitcher cartridges cost $15-$50 per filter on average.

There are several factors that affect the price of a replacement filter for a water pitcher, which we’ve listed in detail later in this guide

Filters for water pitcher jugs are cheaper than filters for other systems, like under-sink filters and countertop filters, because they’re smaller and have shorter lifespans.  

Holding a water filter pitcher replacement cartridge

📆 Annual Cost Of Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Filters

Most water filter pitcher cartridges have a lifespan of 2-3 months on average

So, using the data above, replacing water filter pitcher cartridges that cost $15-$50 per filter would cost:

Cost Range per YearReplacement Frequency
$90-$300every 2 months
$60-$200every 3 months

Most people will spend less than $100 per year on replacement filters for a pitcher, but it depends on the brand you go for. Some of the most capable water filter pitchers have more expensive filters – it’s the price you pay for the ability to remove hundreds of contaminants from your water. 

🔢 Water Filter Pitcher Yearly Cost Calculator

Use the calculator below to get an idea of how much you can expect to spend per year on replacement water filter pitcher cartridges: 

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Select Brand Aquagear Brita Elite Brita Standard Clearly Filtered Dafi Ehm Epic Hskyhan Invigorated Water Lake Industries Lifestraw Mavea ProOne PUR Puro Santevia Seychelle Soma Waterdrop ZeroWater
// Define the average costs and lifespans for each brand var brandData = { Aquagear: { cost: 49.95, lifespan: 6 }, “Brita Elite”: { cost: 19.99, lifespan: 6 }, “Brita Standard”: { cost: 18.39, lifespan: 2 }, “Clearly Filtered”: { cost: 55.00, lifespan: 4 }, Dafi: { cost: 13.33, lifespan: 2 }, Ehm: { cost: 9.99, lifespan: 2 }, Epic: { cost: 46, lifespan: 6 }, Hskyhan: { cost: 8.50, lifespan: 2 }, “Invigorated Water”: { cost: 20, lifespan: 3 }, “Lake Industries”: { cost: 12.95, lifespan: 2 }, Lifestraw: { cost: 16.95, lifespan: 2 }, Mavea: { cost: 7.32, lifespan: 2 }, ProOne: { cost: 78.95, lifespan: 6 }, PUR: { cost: 10.99, lifespan: 2 }, Puro: { cost: 14.40, lifespan: 6 }, Santevia: { cost: 19.99, lifespan: 4 }, Seychelle: { cost: 57.95, lifespan: 4 }, Soma: { cost: 10.00, lifespan: 2 }, Waterdrop: { cost: 10.99, lifespan: 3 }, ZeroWater: { cost: 17.50, lifespan: 2 } // Add more brand data as needed }; function fillFields() { var brand = document.getElementById(“brand”).value; var costField = document.getElementById(“cost”); var lifespanField = document.getElementById(“lifespan”); if (brand && brandData[brand]) { costField.value = brandData[brand].cost; lifespanField.value = brandData[brand].lifespan; } else { costField.value = “”; lifespanField.value = “”; } } function calculateAnnualCost() { // Get user inputs var cost = parseFloat(document.getElementById(“cost”).value); var lifespan = parseInt(document.getElementById(“lifespan”).value); // Calculate annual cost var annualCost = cost / lifespan * 12; // Display the result var resultElement = document.getElementById(“result”); resultElement.textContent = “Water Filter Pitcher Annual Cost: $” + annualCost.toFixed(2); } function resetForm() { document.getElementById(“brand”).selectedIndex = 0; document.getElementById(“cost”).value = “”; document.getElementById(“lifespan”).value = “”; document.getElementById(“result”).textContent = “”; }

🔄 Cost Of Water Filter Pitcher Cartridges vs Other Filters

How does the cost of a replacement water filter pitcher cartridge compare to the cost of filters in other systems?

We’ve shared some quick comparisons below based on averages of the data we could find for other types of water filters online. 

Pitcher vsCost ComparisonPrice Range (Average)
Water pitcher filter cartridge

📊 Factors Affecting The Cost Of Replacement Water Filter Pitcher Cartridges

Now we know roughly how much water filter cartridges for pitchers cost, let’s look at the factors that affect the filter cost. 

Filter Brand

First, the water filter pitcher brand can impact the cost of replacement filters. 

There are a few brands that have become renowned in the water filter pitcher industry, and, despite not always offering the best product, they can charge slightly more for their replacement filters simply because they’re reputable manufacturers with loyal customers. 

On the other end, an emerging or relatively unknown brand may begin by selling its products, including its replacement pitcher filters, at a lower price until it gains a following and accumulates that all-important customer feedback. 

Cartridge Size & Capacity

The filter cartridge size and capacity also affects its cost. 

The bigger the filter cartridge, the more materials are needed in its manufacture. The greater the filter capacity, the greater the concentration of contaminants the filter should trap before it reaches the end of its lifespan. 

You’ll pay slightly more for replacement pitcher filter cartridges if they’re bigger and have larger capacities than most other filters for pitchers. 

Measuring cartridge size and capacity of a water filter pitcher

Filter’s Contaminant Removal Abilities

Another factor affecting the cost of replacement water filter pitcher cartridges is the filter’s contaminant removal abilities. 

Contaminant removal is the purpose of the filter and the reason why you’re spending your money. You’ll probably be happy to spend a bit more on filter replacements if you’ve invested in a pitcher that can remove hundreds of contaminants, as opposed to only a small handful. 

The best water filter pitchers have highly-capable filters that cost hundreds of dollars to replace every year

Frequency Of Filter Replacements

The frequency of filter replacements also affects the annual cost of replacing your water filter pitcher cartridges. 

Most filters in a pitcher have a 2-3 month lifespan. The filter’s exact lifespan depends on factors including your water quality and your daily water usage

The more often you replace the filter, the higher your annual spend on filters. So, if you want to save money on filters, only replace them when necessary. 

With that said, we don’t recommend trying to stretch your filter lifespan as far as possible. When your filter flow rate slows, it’s a warning sign that the filter capacity has nearly been exhausted. If you continue to use the filter when it needs replacing, the filter media may be unable to continue to trap contaminants, and there’s a risk of bacteria growth in the cartridge. 

Follow the manufacturer’s advice carefully and replace the filter within the recommended timeframe. 

Water filter pitcher lifespan indicator

Number Of Cartridges In Package

Finally, the number of cartridges you buy at once also determines the amount you spend per filter. 

Most manufacturers offer multipacks of 3, 6, or 9 filters at a lower cost per filter. The more filters you buy in the pack, the more money you can potentially save. 

You might be able to buy a water filter pitcher up to 20% cheaper in a multipack, helping you to reduce your annual spend on filter changes. The only setback is that the upfront cost of a multipack of filters is higher. 

💰 How To Get The Best Deal On Replacement Filter Cartridges

So, how can you get the best deal on replacement filter cartridges and make sure you’re not spending more than you should?

Follow our advice below. 

Shop Around

Our top piece of advice is to shop around. Many water filter manufacturers sell their products in different locations, including big-box stores, online marketplaces like Amazon, and official websites. 

You can almost always get the best deal online – so don’t be so quick to buy from your local big-box store for the sake of “convenience”!

We love Amazon for water filter pitcher cartridges because you often get the cheapest deals and can usually get free postage as long as you spend enough money or have a Prime account. 

To source the best deals online, Google search the name of the pitcher you own followed by “replacement filters”, then hit the “shopping” tab (to the right of “all” beneath the search bar) and scroll through your options. 

A word of advice: don’t buy from dodgy-looking websites or those that don’t have a secure payment option, like PayPal. You want to find the best deal – not lose your money in the process!

Searching for the best water filter pitchers

Buy Multipacks Of Filters 

Another great way to save money on replacement pitcher filter cartridges is to buy multipacks of filters. 

As we mentioned earlier, manufacturers sell their filters at up to 20% cheaper per filter for multipacks of 3, 6, 9, or more. 

What’s in it for the manufacturer? They get more money from you upfront, and you’re taking a small risk because you’re assuming that you will continue to use and appreciate the pitcher for at least 6-12 months (and you probably will if you buy a decent product). 

If you have the budget to spend upwards of $100 upfront on replacement filters, do it. You’ll spend less per filter and you’ll appreciate not having the hassle of last-minute shopping for filters every time you realize you need a replacement. 

Look For Recycling Schemes

Here’s a hack for folks who like to get all the deals that are open to them: look for filter manufacturers that offer recycling programs with free filter incentives. 

Many water filter pitcher brands have their own recycling programs for used filters. You collect your old filters, then send them off in a package to the manufacturer’s recycling plant. As a reward for doing so, the manufacturer gives you a free filter or a hefty discount on your next filter purchase. 

Recycling programs are beneficial to both brands and customers: they allow manufacturers to recycle and reuse their filter materials – a win for sustainability – and they give customers an easy way to earn themselves a free replacement filter. 

If your water filter pitcher brand doesn’t mention recycling incentives on its website, contact customer service and ask if this is something you’ll have access to in the future. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Water filter pitcher cartridge recycling program
Source: Epic Water Filters Recycling

Wait For Seasonal Sales

Many water filter pitcher manufacturers get involved in seasonal sales and shopping events, like Black Friday, Labor Day, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day

These shipping events offer you a great opportunity to buy your usual water filter pitcher cartridges at a discounted price, often without a catch. 

So, if you do spot that your replacement water pitcher filters are significantly cheaper than usual in a sale, take advantage of the moment and stock up!

Just keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that your water pitcher brand will participate in seasonal sales, and even if it does, it might not discount all its products. 

🤔 Are Water Pitcher Filter Cartridges Worth The Cost?

In our opinion, water pitcher filter cartridges are worth the cost for you if you put a lot of value on drinking clean, great-tasting tap water at home – especially if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to bottled water. 

Even with the long-term cost of replacement filters, a water filter pitcher is still much more affordable than replenishing your stock of bottled water. 

If you take your drinking water quality seriously and you think you’ll get daily use out of your water filter pitcher, the cost of water filter pitcher cartridges should be worth it. 

You can determine the worthiness of water filter pitcher cartridge by breaking down the annual filter replacement cost by the number of days you use the filter throughout the year

So, if replacement filters for your pitcher cost $150 per year and you use the pitcher every single day that year – 365 days – you’d divide 150 by 365, which shows you that the daily cost per use for the filters in the pitcher is just $0.41.

Holding a water filter pitcher cartridge

🔚 Final Word

Water filter pitcher cartridges might be cheaper than replacement filters for most other water filter types – but they aren’t necessarily cheap, either. 

Make sure you’re prepared for the maintenance costs of your water filter pitcher before you spend your money. 

Check the manufacturer’s website to see how much replacement filters cost. Work out how much you can expect to spend per year on the filter based on its lifespan and how many filters you’ll need. 

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