How Full Can You Fill A Brita Pitcher? Can it Overfill?

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Owning a Brita pitcher is a bit different from owning a normal water pitcher. The pitcher is formed of two sections, and a filtration process sends water from the top reservoir into the bottom section.

Tap water slowly filters through the pitcher, and if you try to add too much water, too fast, you might end up overfilling the jug.

In this article, we’ve shared our guidance on how full you should fill a Brita pitcher, based on information from Brita and our own experience.

πŸ“Œ Key Takeaways:

  • You can fill a Brita water filter pitcher as full as the MAX FILL line.
  • If your Brita pitcher doesn’t have this marker, fill the reservoir to about 1 inch below the top.
  • Overfilling the pitcher may cause water to overflow out of the handle and will make the pitcher difficult to carry.

🚰 How Full Can You Fill A Brita Water Pitcher?

You should only fill a Brita water pitcher full enough to store the unfiltered and filtered water without leaking.

Many Brita pitchers have a MAX FILL line that you shouldn’t exceed when filling the pitcher with water. This will prevent you from overfilling the reservoir, resulting in leaking from the pitcher.

Our advice is to slowly and gradually fill the reservoir, topping up the water while keeping below the MAX FILL line (if your pitcher has one). If your pitcher doesn’t have a MAX Fill line, use your common sense! Fill to the top of the reservoir, leaving an inch or two of space, then allow the water to filter.

Once all the water has filtered through the reservoir and the water line in the pitcher reaches just beneath the filter, don’t fill your pitcher any further. Wait until you’ve emptied some or all of the water in the pitcher before adding more water.

Filling the brita pitcher with water

πŸ«— Can You Overfill A Brita Pitcher?

Yes, you can overfill a Brita pitcher. Adding too much tap water at once to the top reservoir in the pitcher will cause water to spill into the handle and leak out of the jug. You can also overfill the pitcher by adding more water to the top reservoir when the bottom reservoir is full. This will have a similar outcome, causing water to overflow out of the top of the pitcher.

πŸ€” What Happens If You Fill A Brita Pitcher Too Full?

There are a few possible outcomes of filling above the MAX Fill line in a Brita pitcher:

Overflow Of Water From Top Reservoir

One of the most likely outcomes of filling a Brita filter pitcher too full is overflowing from the top reservoir.

Let’s say you gradually add tap water to the top pitcher reservoir until the bottom reservoir fills. If you continue to add water once the reservoir is full, water will continue to flow through the filter, but it’ll have nowhere to go.

If the water level rises beyond the filter inside the bottom reservoir, this filtered water will have nowhere to go, and the water level in the top reservoir won’t fall. Continue to add water even further, and this water will eventually leak out of the top reservoir.

We’ll say from experience that this has happened to us. We overfilled the top reservoir and ended up with a puddle on the countertop.

Difficulty Carrying/Pouring

From a practical perspective, overfilling a Brita pitcher will make it more difficult to carry and pour from the jug.

From our own experience, even a full (not even overfilled) Brita pitcher is difficult to use. Pouring from the pitcher takes two hands, and it takes more effort to hold it steady.

Carrying a very full or overfilled Brita pitcher is pretty much guaranteed to result in a spillage from the handle or spout.

Pouring water from water filter pitcher

⛔️ How Can You Avoid Overfilling A Brita Pitcher

The simplest way to prevent overfilling a Brita water pitcher is to only fill to the MAX FILL line.

If your Brita filter pitcher doesn’t have this line, simply fill the reservoir to about an inch away from the top. Leave the pitcher on a flat surface while the filtering process takes place and the water level in the top reservoir goes down. You could always mark your own MAX FILL line on the outside of the pitcher with a permanent marker pen.

You will most likely learn through trial and error how to avoid overfilling a Brita pitcher. And if you do overfill the pitcher, there’s no cause for panic! The worst that’ll happen is that water will spill out of the pitcher, which will hardly cause irreversible damage.

πŸ“… When Should You Refill A Brita Pitcher?

There’s no set timeline on when you should refill a Brita water pitcher, since this depends on your family size and the rate at which you use drinking water. We recommend refilling a Brita water pitcher as and when it makes sense to.

Don’t refill the reservoir at a faster rate than you use water from the pitcher. This may cause water to spill into the handle due to overfilling.

However, it’s wise to refill the pitcher a little bit every time you use it. That way, you’ll always have access to filtered water, and you won’t have to wait for a fresh batch of water to filter before you can pour a glass.

Different brita light indicators
source: How to Reset Your Indicator After Changing the Filter, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita

πŸ”Ž What’s The Proper Way To Fill A Brita Filter Pitcher?

The proper way to fill a Brita filter pitcher is as follows:

  1. Open the reservoir lid.
  2. Hold the pitcher under your faucet and fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Don’t use warm water in the pitcher – this could damage the filter.
  3. Continue to fill the upper reservoir until the water reaches the MAX FILL line. If your pitcher doesn’t have this marker, fill to about one inch below the top.
  4. Put the lid on the pitcher and wait for water to start filtering into the lower reservoir.

As long as your Brita filter pitcher is properly assembled, you prime new filter cartridges as advised for the filter type, and you buy replacement filters when needed, you should enjoy great-tasting water from your pitcher for years to come.

πŸ“‘ Final Word

The general rule for filling Brita pitchers is to fill to the MAX FILL line, or, if your pitcher doesn’t have one, fill to about one inch below the top of the reservoir.

It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally overfill your pitcher with tap water. It won’t affect the filtration process or damage your Brita filter. But keeping water within the correct fill level will prevent spillages and make it easier for you to use the pitcher.

Follow the advice in this guide to enjoy great-tasting drinking water from your Brita filter pitcher without the hassle of overfilling.

❔ FAQs

Where is the MAX FILL line on a Brita?

If your Brita water pitcher has a MAX FILL line, you should find it inside the reservoir of the pitcher, close to the top. If you can’t find it here, your pitcher likely doesn’t have this marker.

How much water can fit in a Brita?

The amount of water that can fit in a Brita water pitcher depends on the pitcher size you buy. Brita regularly updates its pitcher offerings, but currently, you can fit between 6 and 12 cups of water in a Brita pitcher, depending on the model you buy.

How long can you keep water in a Brita jug?

You can keep water in a Brita jug for up to 12 hours. We recommend emptying and washing out the jug every evening. For hygiene reasons, it’s best not to use filtered water from the day before. Brita advises consuming filtered water from the pitcher within one day.

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