(SOLVED) Brita Filter Indicator Not Working

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Buying a Brita filter pitcher or faucet filter with a filter indicator light means that you won’t have to remember when to replace the filters – the indicator light will tell you when it’s time.

But what can you do if your filter indicator light isn’t working? Why does this happen, and how can you remedy the problem?

We’ve shared everything you need to know in this guide.

πŸ€” Why do Brita Filter Indicator Lights Stop Working?

Brita filter indicator lights are battery-operated. Eventually – usually after about two to five years – the battery runs out and the filter indicator light stops working.

It’s normal for the filter light to stop working eventually. The problem is that the battery is sealed in the Brita pitcher, so you can’t replace it when this happens. We think this is a design flaw, but it’s likely that Brita has a reason for it.

If your Brita filter is under warranty, you can contact Brita support and arrange to get the system replaced or repaired. If your filter has passed its warranty period, it’s still worth reaching out to Brita to see if they can help.

Brita grand pitcher light indicator
source: brita.com

❔ How are Brita Filter Indicator Lights Supposed to Work?

To know whether a Brita filter indicator light is working or not, you first need to know how this light functions when it is working.

It might sound obvious, but if you’ve never used a Brita filter before, or you’ve never paid the light any attention, you might need a refresh.

At the moment, the majority of the Brita faucet filter and pitcher filter models come with a filter indicator.

The indicator light is essentially a built-in timer. It counts down the time until the filter needs to be replaced, then starts again when you replace the filter and reset the timer.

The filter itself has no connection to the indicator light – so you may need to replace the filter slightly earlier or later than the light indicates, depending on your drinking water quality and your water use.

Let’s take a look at how the light indicators in Brita’s faucet filter and pitcher filter systems work.

How Does the Brita Pitcher Electronic Indicator Work?

The Brita electronic light indicator is either activated by the pitcher being filled or by filtered water being poured from the jug. The light indicator measures how many times the pitcher is refilled and displays a red light when the filter has surpassed its expected lifespan.

Most Brita pitchers can be used either with Brita’s Standard filter or Elite filter (previously known as LongLast filter). This means the light indicators can be set to either count down two months (for the Standard filter) or 6 months (for the elite filter). More on how to reset a Brita light indicator later.

Different brita filter light indicators
source: How to Reset Your Indicator After Changing the Filter, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita

How Does the Brita Faucet Filter Light Work?

The Brita faucet filter light uses a 4-month timer. Brita estimates that within 4 months, the average person should use about 100 gallons of drinking water. After 100 gallons has passed through the filter, it needs to be replaced. So, the filter light indicator displays a red light once the 4-month mark has been reached.

How Does the Brita Sticker Indicator Work?

The Brita sticker light indicator works differently from Brita’s other two indicators. This indicator, which is found on some Brita pitchers, works off an average water use of 11 glasses per household daily. Based on this calculation, the indicator will display a red light once a certain amount of water has been “used”.

πŸ“– The Brita Indicator Light Sequence

When a Brita indicator light is working, it’ll follow a certain light sequence.

There are three colors that the light can be: red, green, and amber. This is the traffic light system that we’re all familiar with, so there’s nothing new to learn here. (Note: some new Brita filter indicators use only green and red lights – an even simpler concept).

When you install a new filter and reset the filter light, the green light blinks to tell you that the filter is functioning perfectly.

How brita filter light indicator works
Source: Brita User Guide

⚠️ Why is My Brita Faucet Filter Light Not Working?

The most likely reason why your Brita filter life light isn’t working is that the battery has run out.

Batteries don’t last forever, and the indicator battery in Brita’s systems has an average lifespan of between two and five years.

If the battery is fairly new, it may have stopped working for a different reason, such as water damage.

There’s also the possibility that you may think your light has stopped working – but it’s actually still operational, and you just need to reset the indicator to use it as normal.

πŸ“ What to Do if Your Brita Light Indicator Stops Working

If your Brita light indicator stops working, resolve the issue by following these three steps:

Step 1: Try Resetting the Indicator

First of all, if your filter light isn’t working, you might simply need to reset it.

There are different methods for resetting the light depending on the type of system and replacement filter you have.

For Brita filters with a Standard water filter:

  1. Add the new filter to your pitcher.
  2. Press the STATUS reset button and hold it down for two seconds, then release. All three lights will blink twice, then only the green light next to STANDARD FILTER will blink three times.
  3. If you’ve selected the wrong mode by mistake, press the STATUS reset button once more for two seconds to bring up the correct mode.
  4. You can check whether the light is working by filling the reservoir. The light should blink green to show you that your filter is working.

For Brita filters with an Elite (previously known as LongLast) water filter:

  1. Add a new filter cartridge to your pitcher.
  2. Press the STATUS reset button firmly and hold it down for six seconds, until the green light next to LONGLAST+ FILTER blinks three times.
  3. If you’ve selected the wrong mode by mistake, press the STATUS button once more for six seconds to bring up the correct mode.
  4. Fill the reservoir to check that the filter is working. A blinking green-colored light demonstrates that your filter is working.
How to reset the brita indicator light
Source: Brita Support

For Brita faucet filters:

  1. Find the STATUS button on the back of the filter system.
  2. Press the button and hold for eight seconds. You should notice the three lights flash green, yellow and red.
  3. Release the button once the LED light indicates that the filter status has been reset by blinking green. Then, add the new filter if you haven’t already.

For Brita pitchers with sticker filter indicators:

Sticker filter indicators are found on some of the old Brita water filter pitcher models.

  1. Replace your filter.
  2. Adjust the date on the indicator so you can check when you need to buy another filter.

Step 2: Check Your Warranty

If your filter light still isn’t working after you’ve reset it, there’s a chance that your battery is faulty or has simply run out. Remember, though, that Brita products contain a non-replaceable sealed battery, so you can’t just replace it yourself.

Most Brita filter pitchers come with a 1-year warranty. If your battery has died within this time, great – you’ll be able to reach out to Brita and receive a new pitcher, or get your current pitcher fixed, while it’s under the warranty period.

Step 3: Contact Brita

If your warranty has ended, you might still be able to get the problem sorted by Brita. Brita’s battery policy is unclear, but Brita advises reaching out to Customer Care if your battery stops working.

This suggests that Brita might be able to replace your filter light battery or offer you a new jug, but it’s unclear whether this would cost anything on your part.

🧠 Brita Filter Indicator Not Working: FAQs

How do you activate the Brita electronic filter indicator?

To activate Brita’s electronic filter light indicator, simply press the STATUS button for either two or six seconds, depending on how long your replacement filter lasts. This should re-activate the indicator instantly.

How do I reset my Brita LED?

To reset a Brita LED light, just press the LED button for two or six seconds, depending on the type of filter you’re using. The light will flash green to show that it has reset.

Why is my Brita faucet filter light not working?

If your Brita faucet filter light isn’t working, there’s a good chance that the battery has run out. Brita systems have a water-tight seal that prevents the battery from being water-damaged. This also means you can’t replace the filter yourself, so you should contact Brita for help if your system’s filter reset indicator stops working.

Is it possible to replace the Brita battery?

Yes, it is possible to replace the battery in your Brita water filter. However, there’s a reason why Brita calls this battery a “non-replaceable battery”. The battery is sealed inside the casing, so you’d need to break into this casing to replace the battery, then re-seal the casing to prevent water damage to the battery.

Why can’t I change the battery for my Brita filter status light?

It’s unclear why Brita doesn’t allow users to change the filter indicator battery. It may simply be because Brita couldn’t find a way to safely position the battery so that it could be removed and be protected from water damage. It could also be because Brita hopes that customers will simply replace their entire pitcher when their battery runs out, earning Brita a bit of extra money.

Can you still use a Brita filter if the indicator light doesn’t work?

Yes, it’s still completely safe to use a Brita faucet or pitcher filter if the filter light no longer works. However, a broken filter light means you won’t be told by the pitcher itself when the filter should be replaced. You’ll just need to make a note in your calendar to remind yourself to replace the filter when needed.

Can I reset my Brita indicator early?

Yes. If you need to replace the filter in your Brita pitcher earlier than expected, you can reset the indicator early by pressing and hiding the STATUS button.

What happens if I ignore my Brita filter light?

You can choose to ignore the Brita indicator when it tells you that you need to replace the cartridge filter. Nothing will happen – but the filter will still need to be replaced, so you should do that as soon as possible. If you don’t buy another filter, the old filter will accumulate bacteria and mold, potentially making your tap water dangerous to drink.

πŸ“‘ Takeaway

Brita’s filter indicator calculates the remaining lifespan of a water filter with a simple timer, letting you know when you need to make a filter replacement. The filter indicator lights require manual activation to continue to indicate the life left in new filters.

If your Brita filter indicator isn’t working, first try resetting it. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Brita’s customer service and let them know that your battery has run out.

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