(SOLVED) Brita Filter Indicator Not Working

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Many Brita filter pitchers have a filter indicator light that operates on a traffic light system, turning from green, to orange, to red to indicate the filter lifespan.

If your Brita filter indicator isn’t working, the most likely reason is that the battery has run out. The battery in the Brita filter indicator has a 2-5-year lifespan. Once the battery dies, the filter life indicator will stop working.

You can contact Brita’s customer service and arrange for a product replacement if the filter indicator stops working within the filter’s 1-year warranty.

Fixing a brita filter indicator not working

🤔 Why is my Brita Filter Indicator Light Not Working?

Brita filter indicator lights are battery-operated. Eventually – usually after about two to five years – the battery runs out and the filter indicator light stops working.

Unfortunately, the battery is sealed in the Brita pitcher, so you can’t replace it when this happens.

Another reason why your Brita filter indicator might not work is if water has entered the battery compartment and damaged the battery.

❔ How is the Brita Filter Life Indicator Supposed to Work?

The Brita filter indicator light is a built-in timer. It counts down until the filter needs to be replaced, then starts again when you replace the filter and reset the timer.

The filter indicator light is activated either when you fill the pitcher or when you pour from the jug, according to Brita’s FAQ page.

The light is green when the filter is new, and yellow to indicate that the filter needs replacing soon. It blinks red or displays a solid red color when the filter has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Different brita filter light indicators
source: How to Reset Your Indicator After Changing the Filter, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita

📖 How Does the Brita Sticker Indicator Work?

The Brita sticker light indicator works off an average water use of 11 glasses per household daily. Based on this calculation, the indicator will display a red light once a certain amount of water has been “used”.

How brita filter light indicator works
Source: Brita User Guide

📝 How to Fix A Brita Filter Indicator That’s Not Working

The process of fixing a Brita filter indicator that isn’t working depends on the cause of the problem.

Reset the Indicator

In a best-case scenario, you’ll simply need to reset the filter indicator. There are different methods of doing so depending on the type of system and replacement filter you have.

For Brita filters with a Standard water filter:

  1. Insert the new filter in your pitcher.
  2. Press the STATUS reset button and hold it down for two seconds, then release. All three lights will blink twice, then only the green light next to STANDARD FILTER will blink three times.
  3. If you’ve selected the wrong mode by mistake, press the STATUS reset button once more for two seconds to bring up the correct mode.
  4. You can check whether the light is working by filling the reservoir. The light should blink green to show you that your filter is working.

For Brita filters with an Elite (previously known as LongLast) water filter:

  1. Insert the new filter cartridge in your pitcher.
  2. Press the STATUS reset button firmly and hold it down for six seconds, until the green light next to LONGLAST+ FILTER blinks three times.
  3. If you’ve selected the wrong mode by mistake, press the STATUS button once more for six seconds to bring up the correct mode.
  4. Fill the reservoir to check that the filter is working. A blinking green light means that your filter is working.
How to reset the brita indicator light
Source: Brita Support

For Brita faucet filters:

  1. Find the STATUS button on the back of the filter.
  2. Press the button and hold for eight seconds. You should notice the lights flash green, yellow and red.
  3. Release the button once the LED light indicates that the filter status has been reset by blinking green. Then, insert the new filter if you haven’t already.

For Brita pitchers with sticker filter indicators:

  1. Replace your filter.
  2. Adjust the date on the indicator so you can check when you need to buy another filter.
Brita grand pitcher light indicator
source: brita.com

Buy a New Pitcher (or Contact Brita for a Replacement)

If your Brita filter is under warranty, you can contact Brita support and arrange to get the system replaced or repaired.

For a filter that has passed its warranty period, it’s still worth reaching out to Brita for help. Brita’s battery policy is unclear, but Brita advises reaching out to Customer Care if your battery stops working.

If your filter is no longer under warranty or the filter life indicator has sustained damage due to improper use, you may need to buy a new Brita pitcher.

Due to the design of the pitcher, you’ll struggle to get the filter life indicator out of the lid with tools. And if you can, Brita doesn’t sell filter indicators separately. We also couldn’t find pitcher lids on the Brita website, but we did find evidence that Brita provides replacement filter indicators to its customers on the Brita UK website’s FAQ.

Replace the Battery

Here’s an option for folks with a bit of DIY skill.

Although the battery for the filter indicator is sealed inside the Brita pitcher, you can remove it by breaking it out of the lid. This requires some precision, as a wrong move could damage the electronics in the indicator and stop it from working.

Once you’ve broken into the indicator and replaced the battery, you will have broken the watertight seal, so you’ll need to remove the battery every time you want to wash the lid.

📑 Final Word

Remember, you can still use your Brita filter even after the non-replaceable battery has stopped working in the electronic indicator. You’ll just need to make your own reminders to change the filter because the filter indicator won’t tell you.

🧠 Brita Filter Indicator Not Working: FAQ

How does the Brita filter indicator light work?

The Brita filter indicator light works by measuring the number of times that the pitcher is filled, and is activated when you open the pitcher lid for 5-8 seconds. The indicator light turns red, orange, or green depending on the status of the filter. A red light indicates that the filter needs to be replaced.

Is the Brita filter light supposed to stay on?

No, the Brita filter light isn’t supposed to stay on. You will need to reset the light after changing the filter to stop it from flashing red.

How do I fix my Brita filter indicator?

Depending on the problem, you might be able to fix your Brita electronic indicator by resetting it, paying for a new pitcher with a working indicator, or contacting Brita for a replacement (if the pitcher is still under warranty).

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    A 10 cup Brita pitcher which included a Long Last filter with the three LED indicator in April of 2021 was $39.97. Not bad. Here in May of 2024 a 10 cup Brita with the three LED pitcher is now $63 to $74 and it includes only a regular (white) filter.

    That’s ridiculous.

    Today I installed a new battery in each of two indicators for both 10 cup pitchers I own and saved in the neighborhood of $116.00 before sales tax and shipping cost.

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