How to Use a Brita Pitcher (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Brita pitchers are popular filter pitchers that remove a small group of harmful contaminants from tap water.

In this how to use Brita pitcher guide, we’ll be sharing the step-by-step process for using a Brita pitcher for the first time, and on a daily basis. We’ll also be sharing how to replace a Brita filter.

πŸ“– How to Use a Brita Pitcher For the First Time

Unboxing your Brita filter and wondering what to do next? Follow these steps and you can’t go wrong.

Step 1: Remove the Pitcher From the Packaging

Remove the pitcher from its box and get rid of all the packaging. Remove the separate parts, such as the filter and the user manual, and set them to the side.

Keep hold of all the packaging for now, just in case you’ve received a faulty product.

Getting the brita components ready
source: How to Change the Filter on Your Brita Everyday Pitcher, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita USA

Step 2: Wash the Pitcher

Fill a tub with hot, soapy water. Remove the top reservoir and lid from the pitcher and place all sections in the water. Use a sponge to scrub the items. Washing the pitcher is recommended to remove any debris that it may have picked up during manufacturing.

Note: don’t wash the Brita filter cartridge.

After washing the parts, use a clean hand towel to dry them off.

Step 3: Prime the Filter

Set the washed parts aside and unwrap the Brita filter. Prime the filter by running it under cold water for at least 15 seconds. This removes loose flecks of carbon dust that have accumulated in the manufacturing process or during transportation.

Flushing and priming the brita filter element
source: How to Change the Filter on Your Brita Everyday Pitcher, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita USA

Step 4: Insert the Filter

Reassemble the pitcher, leaving the lid off for now. Place the lid in the slot at the bottom of the upper reservoir. Make sure the filter is properly lined up and sits comfortably in the hole.

Step 5: Fill the Upper Reservoir

You can now fill the pitcher with cold water for the first time. Hold the filter under your faucet until the top reservoir is entirely filled with water. Then, place the lid on the pitcher to prevent the water from being contaminated by anything in the air, and wait for the water to filter into the lower reservoir.

You can drink from the pitcher as soon as some water is in the bottom reservoir. If you want to fill the entire reservoir before using the pitcher, you may need to fill the top reservoir several times.

Note: don’t use warm water in the Brita water pitcher.

πŸ“† How to Use a Brita Water Pitcher On a Daily Basis

Using a Brita filter pitcher is easy. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Fill the Pitcher

Remove the lid from the pitcher and hold it under your cold water faucet. Turn on the tap and wait for the cold tap water to fill the upper reservoir.

Adding water to brita pitcher

Step 2: Refill the Pitcher

Wait for the water to slowly filter into the bottom reservoir (this should take about 10 minutes in total). Once half the water in the top reservoir has filtered into the bottom chamber, top up the top reservoir. This should provide you with enough water to completely fill the bottom chamber with great-tasting water.

Step 3: Store and Use

Put the lid back on the pitcher and store it in the door of your refrigerator until you’re thirsty. You can drink filtered water from the pitcher at any point during the filtration process, as long as there’s some water in the bottom chamber. To make sure you’re drinking fresh water only, don’t leave water in the pitcher for longer than two days.

Storing the brita pitcher

Step 4: Keep Adding Tap Water

Get into the habit of adding more tap water into the pitcher every time you use it. This will mean the filter produces a constant supply of filtered water, and you never need to wait for a full filtration cycle.

πŸ”‚ How to Add a New Filter to a Brita Water Pitcher

Brita filters last for 2-6 months, depending on the type of filter you buy for your pitcher. Standard filters have a shorter lifespan of 2-3 months, while Brita recommends changing the LongLast Brita filters within 6 months.

To add replacement filters to a Brita water pitcher, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the Old Filter

Take the lid off the pitcher and reach into the reservoir. Pull the filter out by its handle and set it aside to discard.

Separating brita water pitcher components
source: How to Change the Filter on Your Brita Everyday Pitcher, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita USA

Step 2: Rinse the New Filter

Remove the new filter from its packaging and hold it under running water for up to 15 seconds. This will prime the filter, ready for use.

Step 3: Replace the Filter

Slot the new filter into the compartment at the bottom of the top chamber, in the exact position as the old one, making sure it’s comfortably in place.

Step 4 (Optional): Reset the Filter Change Indicator

Some Brita filters have an electronic indicator that displays the filter lifespan. If your pitcher has one of these, make sure to reset it whenever you change your filters. That means you’ll always know when a new filter is needed. Just press and hold the start button for up to 10 seconds.

Brita Grand Pitcher Performance

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Step 5: Use the Pitcher

You can then use the pitcher as normal. Fill it with water and wait for the filtration process to take place. You’ll be able to drink the filtered water straightaway.

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