We’ve Tested Dozens of Water Filter Pitchers That Claim to Remove Fluoride, and These Top 5 Systems Steal the Show

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Fluoride is one of the most controversial drinking water contaminants, and as water treatment specialists, we’ve spent decades researching and reviewing the best solutions that can remove this mineral from our readers’ drinking water supplies. There have been numerous scientific studies and reviews, like this one, that present compelling evidence of the adverse impacts of fluoride ingestion on human health, including dental and skeletal fluorosis, hypothyroidism, cancer, and cognitive impairment.

We can only be grateful for the existence of water filters that can remove fluoride, so we can at least filter this unwanted contaminant out of our tap water before drinking. Our favorite filtration method is a pitcher filter, giving the benefit of clean, fluoride-free water without the hassle of a difficult installation.

We’re determined to protect our water with the best filtered water pitcher that can remove at least 97% of fluoride – ideally 100%. We’ve spent the past few years testing all the water filter pitchers that claim to offer fluoride removal, and below, we’ve shared a handful of those that worked best for us.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Clearly Filtered water pitcher (400x400)

Of all the water filter pitchers we tested for fluoride removal, we had the best experience with the Clearly Filtered pitcher. It’s third-party tested by an NSF-approved laboratory to remove more fluoride than any other pitcher we found (99.5%), as well as 360+ other common contaminants – an unbeatable number. Our filtered water tasted amazing – fresher and purer than from any other pitcher we used. Considering the pitcher cost just $90, we couldn’t believe how much value we were getting for the price. We found its 10-cup water holding capacity was ideal for a two-person household, being easy enough to carry even while full, but still small enough to fit in our fridge door. And the fact that each filter lasts for up to 4 months meant that we only had to replace our filters as little as 3 times a year, meaning we could keep our annual maintenance spend down.

Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser or Pitcher

Epic pure dispenser & pitcher

The Clearly Filtered pitcher only comes in one size, and we were keen to test a reliable fluoride water pitcher filter with multiple size options for different situations. We found that the Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser and Pitcher were the best offerings when it came to variety. We could use the Epic Pure gravity filter in either the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher or the Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser. We tried out both units and found that the 1.7-gallon dispenser had the advantage of a large filtered water capacity, while the 10-cup pitcher was a more portable option. Importantly, the Pure filter has been independently tested to remove 97.8% of fluoride, as well as more than 200 other contaminants, so we knew our water quality was in good hands. Our filtered water tasted great, and we didn’t have to fork out on regular filter changes – each filter lasts 150 gallons, or up to six months with light use. Plus, we had an upfront cost saving compared to the Clearly Filtered Pitcher – the Epic Pure Dispenser cost just $75, while the Pitcher Filter cost $70.

Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Water Purifier Pitcher

Waterdrop Chubby

The Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Water Purifier Pitcher isn’t just the most attractive water filter pitcher we tested – it’s another great choice for removing fluoride on a budget. Admittedly, we weren’t able to find third-party testing to support the manufacturer’s contaminant removal claims, but Waterdrop is a known and trusted brand, and the pitcher does have an NSF certification for chlorine removal and lead-free design, so it’s legitimate. We were sold on the price alone – the pitcher set us back less than $30 upfront, and our estimated annual spend on replacement filters was within $45, so it’s the makes-sense solution for small budgets. Most other pitchers we tested within this price range offered no fluoride removal whatsoever. We’ve gifted this pitcher to several of our younger family members who want to remove fluoride from their water but can’t justify the price of a more expensive pitcher model.

ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

Proone Water Filter Pitcher

We don’t think the ProOne Water Filter Pitcher will be winning any awards for its looks any time soon. But when it comes to the important matter of removing fluoride from our water, we always put substance over style. This pitcher blew us away when we tested it at home – it removed 100% of fluoride from our water and has the longest filter lifespan we’ve seen (up to 6 months). Plus, it’s been third-party tested by a certified independent lab to remove more than 200 other contaminants, so it’s one of the top contenders for contaminant removal, alongside the Epic and Clearly Filtered pitchers. It’s on the more expensive side (it cost $74 at the time of our review), but since we only had to replace the filter twice a year, we thought the investment was well worth it. If you love the idea of water filter pitchers for removing fluoride but don’t want to replace a filter every 2-3 months, you know what to do.

Refer to the table below to view our ProOne laboratory testing data.

ContaminantPriming WaterTest 1 Pre-FiltrationTest 1 Post-Filtration% ReductionTest 2 Pre-FiltrationTest 2 Post-Filtration% Reduction
AluminumND0.052 PPM0 PPM100%0.03 PPM0 PPM100%
Barium0.0265 PPM0.0127 PPM0.0275 PPM+116.54%NDNDND
Bromodichloromethane0.00289 PPM0 PPM0.00319 PPMn/aNDNDND
Calcium35.1 PPM8.8 PPM19.3 PPM+119.32%NDNDND
Chloride14.4 PPM6.9 PPM8.3 PPM+20.29%NDNDND
Chloroform0.0141 PPM0.0352 PPM0.0155 PPM55.97%NDNDND
Copper0.0424 PPM0.0434 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
E. coliNDNDNDND15 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
EnterococcusNDNDNDND4 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
Fluoride0.1 PPM0.1 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
IronNDNDNDND0.1 PPM0.02 PPM80%
Lead0.0009 PPM0.0006 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
Magnesium10.6 PPM2.19 PPM7.91 PPM+261.19%NDNDND
ManganeseND0.001 PPM0 PPM100%0.02 PPM0 PPM100%
PhosphorusNDNDNDND0.01 PPM0.21 PPM+2000%
Potassium1.91 PPM0 PPM1.27 PPMn/aNDNDND
Sodium12.5 PPM10.4 PPM14.2 PPM+36.54%NDNDND
Strontium0.193 PPM0.062 PPM0.098 PPM+58.06%NDNDND
Sulfate24.1 PPM10 PPM16.9 PPM+69.%42.29 PPM27.4 PPM35.21%
Total ColiformNDNDNDND75 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
Total THMs0.01699 PPM0.0352 PPM0.01869 PPM46.90%NDNDND

ZeroWater Pitcher

ZeroWater 10 Cup

We find there’s something extra reassuring about buying a water filter that’s sold by a popular brand, and while the most popular brand (ahem, Brita) doesn’t remove any fluoride at all, the ZeroWater Pitcher is sold by another well-known name and is capable of removing up to 99% of all dissolved solids in water, including fluoride. The pitcher wasn’t our personal favorite for a couple of reasons: we couldn’t find third-party testing that proved its ability to remove fluoride, and we also don’t agree that removing all dissolved solids is the solution for high-quality water (some TDS, like calcium and magnesium, are healthy, and we’d rather keep them in our water, thanks). That said, this 10-cup pitcher is a steal at less than $35, and we appreciated the reassurance of an incredibly popular product from a brand we knew we could trust.

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    I believe the Water Drop pitcher was tested and found to NOT remove very much Fluoride. Casey J. Krol tested it and Water Drop pitcher removed 16% of the Fluoride. NOT in line with their claims.

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