Why Is My Brita Filtering So Fast? (5 Possible Reasons)

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If you know anything about water filter pitchers, you’ll be aware of their slow, steady filtration rate.

Slow filtration in a pitcher tells you that the filtration process is working. If water flows too quickly through the filter, it doesn’t have enough contact time with the media, and contaminants can’t be removed effectively.

In this guide, we’ve answered the question: “Why is my Brita filtering so fast?”

πŸ“Œ Key Takeaways:

  • Most Brita filter pitchers should filter a full batch of water within 10-20 minutes.
  • If your Brita water filter works faster than this, it might be because you’ve just bought a new filtering cartridge, or because your filter is old and degraded, incorrectly installed, damaged, faulty, or non-genuine.
  • You can resolve a fast filtering Brita filter by buying a new filter, reinstalling the filter, and discussing your concerns with Brita customer service.

🚰 How Fast Should Brita Pitchers Filter Water?

Before you jump to conclusions and assume that your Brita filter pitcher is filtering water too fast, it’s helpful to know how fast Brita water filters should filter water.

On average, it takes around 10-20 minutes for most Brita pitcher filters to filter an entire jug’s worth of cold tap water.

There are a few factors that affect the speed of filtration:

  • Your tap water quality. The more contaminants your water contains, the slower the filtration rate.
  • The filter age. The older the filter, the more clogged the media and the slower the filtration.
  • The filter pitcher size. A larger pitcher will take longer to filter a full batch of water than a smaller pitcher. Brita offers pitchers in various different sizes.
  • The presence of trapped air bubbles. Some new Brita filters have air bubbles that reduce the flow rate.
Filling the brita pitcher with water

πŸ”Ž Why Is My Brita Filtration Process So Fast? 5 Reasons

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why your Brita water filter pitcher might be filtering water so fast.

1) New Filter

If you’ve just replaced your old Brita filter cartridge with a new one, it’s normal to see a significant increase in the filtration speed.

You might think that the speed is abnormally fast because you got used to the slow flow rate at the end of the filter lifespan.

However, it’s normal for a new filter to produce filtered water at a faster rate. The filter media is fresh and unused, so water can flow freely through the filter pores without being slowed down by obstacles in the form of trapped contaminants.

As the filter gets older, flow rate slows down because the filter media gradually becomes more and more saturated with contaminants. By the end, the filter flow is much slower than it should be, and when you replace it with a new filter, you’ll notice that the speed of filtering increases.

2) Old, Degraded Filter

We just said that old filters have a slow flow rate, and this is true in most cases.

However, if you leave your Brita filter for months or even years without replacing it, the filter media may eventually become so degraded that holes form on its surface.

Water will take the fastest way through the filter, so if your filter has holes, most of the water will travel straight through these gaps – carrying contaminants with it.

This is one of the many reasons why it’s essential to replace your water filter on time (according to the filter change indicator), even if you don’t notice much of a difference in your water quality.

3) Incorrectly Fitted Filter

Brita filters need to be attached correctly to the filter housing in order to properly filter your water.

If you incorrectly fit your new Brita filter, water will be able to leak out around the filter and escape into the filtered water reservoir without actually being filtered.

You should be able to see water leaking from around the filter, rather than coming out of the bottom of the filter (as it normally would).

Make sure to follow the filter install instructions in your user manual and check that the filter has clicked in place before you start filtering tap water.

Incorrectly fitted filter

4) Faulty Or Non-Genuine Filter Cartridge

It doesn’t happen often, but we have read reports from people who have received faulty filter cartridges from Brita (and other water filter pitcher manufacturers, for this matter), which has caused the filter to sit incorrectly in the pitcher or prevented it from filtering contaminants effectively.

It’s possible that your water filter might contain insufficient carbon media, allowing water to flow quickly through the filter without the resistance of the media.

There’s also a risk of buying a non-genuine filter, especially if you buy from a lesser-known online source. Non-genuine filters might be made to mimic the Brita filter design, but they might not be the right shape or design to fit in a Brita pitcher, or they might not contain the same quality filter media.

You can avoid the risk of buying non-genuine Brita filters by shopping exclusively on Brita’s website or on a trusted third-party site, like the official Brita store on Amazon.

5) Filter Damaged During Shipping

Brita filters are packaged pretty snugly, but it’s possible that your new Brita filter might have become damaged while in transit or during the manufacturing process.

A crack, hole, or broken section of the filter cartridge could cause water to escape rather than being filtered gradually through the media.

If your Brita filter is broken, you may also notice high volumes of carbon dust escaping (rather than the small amount of carbon that will usually leak out of a new filter).

βš™οΈ How To Solve Fast Filtering In Brita Filter

There are a few different ways to resolve an issue with a Brita filter pitcher filtering water too quickly. The best resolution for you depends on the problem you’re dealing with.

Here are a few different fixes that should work:

  • Buy a replacement filter. If in doubt, buy a new filter for your pitcher. This should resolve any issues caused by an old or expired filter, or a non-genuine or faulty filter. You may need to buy a new water filter even before the filter life indicator tells you to. Make sure to buy the filter from Brita’s website or a reputable third-party seller.
  • Re-install the filter. Remove the filter and try clicking it back into place in the housing. Then try filtering your water again. If the flow rate is still fast and you notice leaking around the outside of the filter cartridge, check your user manual to make sure you’ve fitted the filter properly.
  • Watch Brita filtering videos online. You might think that your Brita filter is working too quickly, but it could actually be the normal flow rate. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show a demo of the Brita filter pitcher in action, so you can confirm whether or not the flow rate is actually too fast.
  • Contact Brita customer service. If you’re still concerned about your water flow rate and you’ve tried everything to slow it down with no success, contact Brita’s customer support team. Share pictures or a video of your pitcher filter and explain your issue. Brita might send you a free filter replacement indicator or a new pitcher if an issue with either of these is suspected.
Installing new Brita filter cartridge
source: How to Change the Filter on Your Brita Everyday Pitcher, Youtube, Uploaded by Brita USA


Why is my Brita faucet filter filtering water so quickly?

Your Brita faucet filter might be filtering water so quickly if you haven’t installed the filter correctly, the filter is damaged by hot water or excess water pressure, or simply that your tap water doesn’t contain many contaminants and water can flow through at a decent rate.

Why is my Brita Stream filter so fast?

Brita Stream filters are a little faster than the Brita Standard filter and Elite filter cartridges because they’re designed to filter water as you pour. However, if the filtration rate is significantly faster than normal, you might have a damaged filter, or the filter might not be fitting properly in the housing.

How fast should water come out of Brita filter?

Water should come out of a Brita filter in a steady trickle. It should take around 10-20 minutes for an entire pitcher full of water to be filtered. Abnormally fast or slow filtering may point to an issue with the filter installation or the quality of the filter media.

Is Brita filter supposed to filter fast?

Brita is supposed to filter cold water fairly quickly, but if the filter speed is abnormally fast, the filter may be damaged, degraded, or fitted in the housing incorrectly.

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