Michael Claybourn

Michael Claybourn Sr. is the owner and president of Water of Texas LLC Water Treatment Specialists. He holds a Water Treatment Specialist 3 certification from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. His 25+ years of experience in the water treatment industry began in the nuclear power operations field and his passion has grown from these roots where he then spent 23 years working as a Water Treatment Technician for Culligan of Brazosport. He’s skilled in numerous facets within the water treatment industry, and provides solutions for turnkey industrial, commercial, residential, laboratory, medical, marine, R.V., and vending water conditioning. He specializes in all areas of water treatment, including filtration, chlorination, softening, reverse osmosis, UV, flocculation, ozonation, and much more. Michael is involved in all stages of improving his clients’ water quality, from the initial consultation right up to the repair and maintenance of existing water treatment equipment.

michael claybourn sr.
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