Waterdrop G3 P800 Reverse Osmosis System Review 2023

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🧾 Overview

The Waterdrop G3 P800 is a tankless RO system with a capacity of up to 800 gallons of water per day. The system is an upgrade of Waterdrop’s most popular product, the G3, and comes with a built-in UV sterilizing light.

Waterdrop g3 p800 RO filter

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💡 Features

Ultra Slim Design

The Waterdrop G3 P800 is slim and space saving, measuring just 5.67 inches across. The unit is designed to store easily beneath your kitchen sink. 

Waterdrop g3 p800 RO system space under sink

TDS Monitor 

You can monitor the performance of the Waterdrop with the built-in TDS reader.

Filter Life Tracker

The system also comes with a built-in filter life tracker that tells you when the RO membrane needs changing.

Waterdrop g3 p800 RO filter change indicator lights and TDS reading on main body of unit

Smart Faucet

The unit comes with a smart faucet that prevents recontamination after water has been treated.

Waterdrop g3 p800 smart faucet closeup

Advanced UV Light

A new feature of the Waterdrop G3 P800 is a UV light that uses an advanced LED chip to reduce up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

Waterdrop g3 p800 reverse osmosis system UV sterilizer

Improved Filtration Materials 

With three stages of filtration and seven layers of RO membrane, the new Waterdrop G3 P800 offers an even more powerful performance than the original G3. 

RO Filter

The Waterdrop G3 P800 uses an RO filter alongside the LED light. There’s also a CF filter, a CB filter, and an optional remineralization filter.

🚦 Performance

The Waterdrop G3 P800 is Waterdrop’s best offering when it comes to performance. The original G3 was already Waterdrop’s most popular product because of its efficient, thorough filtration, and the new G3 P800 is even better. 

SystemEfficiency Ratio (produced to drain water)
G3 P8003:1
Traditional RO Systems1:4

The single filter cartridge combines three filter stages, including seven reverse osmosis membrane layers. This filtration performance enables the Waterdrop G3 P800 to remove all particles larger than 0.0001 micron.

Many RO water systems struggle to treat water with a high hardness. Calcium and magnesium minerals can even damage RO membranes. However, the Waterdrop G3 P800 includes scale inhibiting technology to effectively reduce water scale. 

Another standout performance benefit of the Waterdrop G3 P800 is its UV sterilizer. This sterilizer provides targeted treatment for bacteria and viruses, two microorganisms that may not be fully removed by a traditional RO system. 

If speed is important to you, you’ll be impressed by how quickly the Waterdrop delivers filtered water. The system provides up to 800 gallons per day, which is more than enough for any family.

The original G3 system provides 1 gallon of purified water for every 1 gallon wasted. The new Waterdrop G3 P800 wastes only 1 gallon of water for every 3 gallons of purified water produced. This is about the best ratio you can get in a modern RO system

Below is an overview of how the Waterdrop G3 P800 performed based on our 3rd party laboratory analysis.

ContaminantPre-FiltrationPost-Filtration % Reduction
Total Dissolved Solids84 PPM15 PPM82.14%
Arsenic0.0029 PPM0 PPM100%
Barium0.0283 PPM0.0033 PPM88.34%
Calcium20.2 PPM2.6 PPM87.13%
Chloride2.2 PPM0 PPM100%
Copper0.203 PPM0 PPM100%
Fluoride0.3 PPM0 PPM100%
Lead0.0008 PPM0 PPM100%
Magnesium2.13 PPM0.27 PPM87.32%
Manganese0.0048 PPM0 PPM100%
Nitrate (as N)1.1 PPM0.1 PPM90.91%
Potassium2.12 PPM0 PPM100%
Selenium0.0015 PPM0 PPM100%
Sodium9.33 PPM1.65 PPM82.32%
Strontium0.199 PPM0.025 PPM87.44%
Sulfate7.8 PPM0 PPM100%

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🔧 Installation & Maintenance

Installing the Waterdrop G3 P800 is much easier than installing a traditional under-sink RO system, and saves more space. 

The unit can be connected to your sink with a flexible tube. You don’t need to plumb it into your water line. You’ll need to install the system’s dedicated faucet, but this is about as difficult as it gets.

Everything you need for installing and setting up the system is included. In your box, you’ll find PE pipes, a drain saddle, a T-fitting, lock clips, a power cord, and a power adapter.

Waterdrop g3 p800 easy filter change

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An important maintenance task for the Waterdrop G3 P800 is to change the unit’s filters. The first set of filters are included with the initial purchase, but you’ll need to buy replacements going forward. The RO membrane is the most expensive filter to replace, but no filter costs more than $100.

The CF filter needs changing every 6 months, while the CB filter lasts for 8-12 months and the RO membrane lasts for two years. The UV lamp doesn’t need changing at all – it lasts up to 50 years with little or no maintenance required.

You won’t need to remember to change the filters. The Waterdrop G3 P800’s smart faucet has a built-in filter change reminder that will let you know when it’s time to purchase replacements. 

📝 System Info

ModelG3 P800
Size8.06 inches by 5.65 inches by 17.75 inches
FiltersCF filter, CB filter, RO membrane, UV light
Required water pressure14.5-87 PSI
Required water temperature41-100F
Water production rateUp to 800 GPD
Waterdrop g3 p800 reverse osmosis system installed under kitchen sink

📊 Waterdrop RO Systems Comparison Chart

Beneficial Minerals✔️
Flow Rate800 GPD400 GPD600 GPD400 GPD600 GPD400 GPD
Pure to Drain Ratio3:11:12:11:12:11:1
FaucetSmart faucetSmart faucetSmart faucetRegular faucetRegular faucetRegular faucet
DisplayFilter life & TDSFilter life & TDSFilter life & TDSFilter lifeFilter lifeFilter life
Holiday mode✔️✔️✔️
Electricity Required✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Noise Output65 dB65 dB55 dB55 dB55 dB55 dB
Filter LifespanCF-6 Mo.
CB-12 Mo.
RO-24 Mo.
CF-6 Mo.
CB-12 Mo.
RO-24 Mo.
12 Mo.12 Mo.CF-12 Mo.
P6MRO-24 Mo.
MNR-12 Mo.
CF-12 Mo.
MRO-24 Mo.
Dimensions (inches)18.11 x 5.67 x 17.7218.11 x 5.67 x 17.7215.98 x 5.98 x 11.9716.02 x 6.22 x 12.4417.32 x 5.91 x 13.917.32 x 5.91 x 13.9

🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What We Like

  • UV lamp requires no maintenance for 50 years
  • Very fast performance
  • Only 1 gallon of water wasted for every 3 gallons produced
  • Effectively targets microorganisms
  • Compact and easy to install

👎 What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for treating well water or connecting to your fridge
  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Optional remineralization filter costs extra

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❔ Frequently Asked Questions

What contaminants can the Waterdrop G3 P800 remove?

This RO system can remove more than 99.99% of all impurities, including chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, fluoride, and more. 

Why does a reverse osmosis system require a UV light?

Many RO systems don’t come with a UV light, but this extra filtration stage inhibits any microorganisms that may have managed to slip through the RO membrane. Using a UV light alongside an RO system will guarantee protection against harmful pathogens.

How Noisy is the Waterdrop G3 P800?

The Waterdrop’s pump operates at 65 dB. To put this into perspective, a normal conversation is about 60 dB – so the Waterdrop won’t wake your neighbors.

Will I Need a Plumber to Install the Waterdrop G3 P800?

No. Most people will be able to install the Waterdrop themselves. Even if you aren’t a DIY expert, you should find this system easy enough to install. There aren’t many steps involved in setup, and you won’t need to plumb into your water line.

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