Roxanne Trotter (Roxy), MS, RDN

A passionate dietitian who loves food and wellness, Roxy is excited to share her expertise on health and how this relates to water quality. She holds a Master’s degree from Colorado State University in Human Nutrition and is a certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. During her time as a dietitian she has worked in a variety of different areas including weight management and inpatient settings. In a world where there is a lot of mis-information, she loves to give people “the facts”, so they can make more informed decisions on their health. She also has her own nutrition counseling business Nutremedies LLC and writes content for Her work at Water Filter Guru focuses primarily on health and nutrition related topics in the context of water quality and different water related products.

Roxanne Trotter

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“On her days off you can find her enjoying Colorado – skiing, running, backpacking or hiking with her fiancé and dog, Reba.”

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