RKIN ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

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🧾 Overview

The RKIN Zero Installation AlcaPure is a reverse osmosis countertop water filter. With a modern design, it’s similar in appearance to many kitchen appliances. The RKIN AlcaPure can do all the hard work of an under-sink RO filter in a compact, attractive machine. 

Rather than connect the AlcaPure filter directly up to your waterline, you simply fill it with water and switch it on for immediate, no-fuss access to clean water. At just over $350, this reverse osmosis system is an affordable option for anyone looking for the thorough filtration of reverse osmosis without the hefty price tag.

dispensing rkin filtered water

💡 Features

Portable countertop unit

The main housing of the AlcaPure measures W 9.5″, D 14.5″, H 16.25″, making it relatively compact and easy to move from one location to another. 

Power cord

The AlcaPure requires power to operate and comes with an included power cord that fits into standard outlets.

BPA-free containers

Both the top and bottom water containers in this machine are BPA-free and are easily removable, making it quick and simple to wash them between uses. 

filling the rkin counertop ro holding tank

Multiple-stage filtration

The 5 micron sediment filter and activated carbon block filter remove large particles, chemicals and heavy metals from water. 

Semi-permeable membrane

At the heart of the machine is the reverse osmosis membrane, which removes the majority of TDS (total dissolved solids) from water. 

Alkaline filter

The AlcaPure reintroduces calcium and magnesium into your water after filtration, giving a more pleasant alkaline taste.

🚦 Performance

When it comes to performance, the RKIN AlcaPure has a lot going for it. Though it does require electricity to run, it uses only 24W of power, which is less than a light bulb – and you have the advantage of not having to install it at your waterline because of its electricity use. 

Compared to the majority of under-sink reverse osmosis systems, the AlcaPure countertop filter has a 50% (1:1) recovery rate, meaning that for every 1 gallon of water that’s produced, only 1 gallon is lost.

If you’ve done your research on RO systems, you’ll know that most filters waste around 3-4 gallons of water for every 1 gallon produced, so this is much more efficient than average

rkin countertop ro filter led

To use the AlcaPure, you simply fill the bottom chamber with water and switch the machine on.

15 minutes later, the machine will switch off and you’ll have access to clean water in the top container, while the bottom container contains wastewater that should be emptied away.

Though the AlcaPure doesn’t offer immediate filtration as an under-sink system can provide, you can still produce a big batch of water (0.5 gallons) at a time, so you won’t need to wait for the system to filter your water every time you want a drink.

For a bit of extra peace of mind when purchasing the RKIN AlcaPure, you’ll be happy to know that the reverse osmosis membrane is NSF 58 certified, which means it meets the American National Standard for point-of-use reverse osmosis systems.

start rkin filtration cycle

🔧 Installation & Maintenance

There’s no invasive installation required for the AlcaPure, which can be set up on any free countertop space near to a power outlet. It takes a matter of minutes to prepare the filter for use after taking it out of the box – just run two cycles and then you are good to go!

In terms of maintenance, your only jobs will be to clean the machine and change the filters, as you would with the majority of countertop kitchen appliances. Cleaning the machine is simple, as the water containers are removable and can be washed in a kitchen sink. 

When it comes to changing the filters, the system’s LED indicator will notify you when you need to replace the old filters for new. You can sign up to receive new filters automatically by RKIN once every 12 months, which gives a general idea of how long you can expect the filters to last.

📝 Filter Info

There are four separate filter stages in the RKIN AlcaPure:

  1. 5 micron sediment filter
  2. Activated carbon block filter
  3. NSF-certified reverse osmosis membrane
  4. Alkalizing post-filter

The 5 micron sediment filter traps large contaminants, such as dust, sand and rust, preventing them from damaging the later filter stages. The activated carbon block filter uses a coconut-based media to trap the likes of pesticides, chlorine and VOCs, eliminating poor taste and odor.

Next, the reverse osmosis membrane blocks virtually all harmful contaminants from passing through, allowing only water molecules to pass through its tiny pores. Finally, the remineralization filter adds healthy minerals, which were removed by the RO membrane, back into the water. 

When the filters are brand-new, it takes them 15 minutes to filter a full batch of water into the top container. They may take up to 20 minutes when they’re in need of replacing. You can buy replacement filters in a bundle from RKIN or Amazon.

🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What I Like

  • Only a 1:1 pure water to wastewater ratio – far more efficient
  • Requires no invasive under-sink installation
  • Portable filtration option, suitable for renters
  • Remineralizes water with healthy minerals after filtration
  • Cheaper than most under-sink reverse osmosis units

👎 What I Don’t Like

  • You need to manually add water to the filter & remove the wastewater
  • Leaks some water when lower tank is removed
  • Quite expensive for a countertop filter

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