ProOne (formerly Propur) Big+ Review (November 2023)

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🧾 Overview

The ProOne Big+ is a standing countertop water filter that uses gravity filtration to reduce or remove more than 200 contaminants from water.

With a 3-gallon capacity, this stainless steel filter is suitable for families of 4+ people, and is has been tested to NSF standards to remove chlorine, lead, and more.

📋 System Specifications

  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Dimensions: 9.25″ x 22.75″
  • Stand: 6”
  • Filter: ProOne® G2.0 7″ filter (upgrade for 3 ProOne® G2.0 9″ Filter Elements)
  • Finish: Stainless steel, polished, brushed
  • Warranty & guarantees: 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 5-year warranty on tank, 1-year limited warranty on filter
Propur Big with 2 ProOne G2.0

💡 Features

Upper & lower chamber

The ProOne Big+ is split into an upper and lower chamber. The design of the filter unit makes it easy to lift the upper chamber and check the lower chamber to see how much water is left over. 

Ceramic GAC filter

Included with the ProOne Big+ is a 7” ceramic GAC filter. You can upgrade to 3 7” filters or two 9” filters to reduce the frequency of maintenance needed. 

Brian holding the ceramic filter of Proone

6” stand

The ProOne Big+ comes with a stand that elevates the filter, making it possible to place a large, tall jug underneath the spigot to fill with water. 

Installation accessories

As well as the filter and stainless steel chambers, the ProOne Big+ comes with all the installation necessities, including a spigot and knob kit, sponge, plug, and wrench. Also included is an instructions booklet to assist with DIY setup.

🚦 Performance

The ProOne Big+ is a standalone gravity filtration unit that can be used in any location (providing you have a nearby water source available).

When you add water to the top chamber, it moves through a filter that separates the top chamber from the bottom one. The contaminants are trapped in the filter, leaving clean, pure water in the bottom chamber. 

Gravity filters have a reputation for slow filtration, but the majority of ProOne Big+ customers were happy with the system’s flow rate. There is an option to speed up filtration, however – there’s room to add another 1 or 2 filters to the top chamber. 

The ProOne Big+ should offer a good-quality, steady performance for at least 12 months before the filters require changing.

ProOne gravity water filter system on countertop

🧽 Cleaning & Maintenance

The ProOne Big+ doesn’t require a professional installation.

Simply set it up on a flat surface and slot the components into place. The user manual provides instructions on how to do this.

The biggest maintenance task for the ProOne is replacing the filters. With daily use, the G2.0 7″ filter will last for up to 12 months or 1,000 gallons, while the ProOne® G2.0 9″ has a slightly longer lifespan of 1,200 gallons.

You will know when the filters need changing, as your water flow will slow significantly. Again, you won’t require a plumber to replace the filters; you simply pop the old cartridge out of the housing and exchange it for a new one.

You will need to clean the inside of the tank at least once a week, preferably after every use, to prevent a buildup of contaminants. You can use white vinegar to remove tougher stains and scale or hot, soapy water for general washing.

📝 Filter Info

As a gravity water filter, the ProOne Big+ doesn’t require electricity or water pressure to operate, making it an ideal travel filter or emergency preparedness accessory

The ProOne filter is made from granular activated carbon (GAC) and is tested to NSF Standard 42, for the removal of chlorine, tastes and odors, as well as Standard 53, for the removal of lead and heavy metals. The filter has also been tested for the removal of microplastics, emerging contaminants, and more.

See the performance metrics of the ProOne filter from our third-party laboratory analysis in the table below.

ContaminantPriming WaterTest 1 Pre-FiltrationTest 1 Post-Filtration% ReductionTest 2 Pre-FiltrationTest 2 Post-Filtration% Reduction
AluminumND0.052 PPM0 PPM100%0.03 PPM0 PPM100%
Barium0.0265 PPM0.0127 PPM0.0275 PPM+116.54%NDNDND
Bromodichloromethane0.00289 PPM0 PPM0.00319 PPMn/aNDNDND
Calcium35.1 PPM8.8 PPM19.3 PPM+119.32%NDNDND
Chloride14.4 PPM6.9 PPM8.3 PPM+20.29%NDNDND
Chloroform0.0141 PPM0.0352 PPM0.0155 PPM55.97%NDNDND
Copper0.0424 PPM0.0434 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
E. coliNDNDNDND15 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
EnterococcusNDNDNDND4 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
Fluoride0.1 PPM0.1 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
IronNDNDNDND0.1 PPM0.02 PPM80%
Lead0.0009 PPM0.0006 PPM0 PPM100%NDNDND
Magnesium10.6 PPM2.19 PPM7.91 PPM+261.19%NDNDND
ManganeseND0.001 PPM0 PPM100%0.02 PPM0 PPM100%
PhosphorusNDNDNDND0.01 PPM0.21 PPM+2000%
Potassium1.91 PPM0 PPM1.27 PPMn/aNDNDND
Sodium12.5 PPM10.4 PPM14.2 PPM+36.54%NDNDND
Strontium0.193 PPM0.062 PPM0.098 PPM+58.06%NDNDND
Sulfate24.1 PPM10 PPM16.9 PPM+69.%42.29 PPM27.4 PPM35.21%
Total ColiformNDNDNDND75 CFU/100ml0 CFU/100ml100%
Total THMs0.01699 PPM0.0352 PPM0.01869 PPM46.90%NDNDND

Made entirely from stainless steel (including a stainless steel spigot), the ProOne Big+ won’t add anything harmful into your water during the filtration process. The base of the filter is made from BPA-free plastic. 

As ceramic filters, the ProOne cartridges don’t require priming. You can simply attach them to the lower chamber and filter your water straight away. 

When it comes to contaminant removal, the ProOne Big+ rivals even the strongest contenders, including Berkey’s Big Berkey. The system can reduce or remove more than 220 impurities, including pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and chloramines, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals.

Propur proone filters

🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What I Like

  • Fast filtration – For a gravity filter, the ProOne Big+ works quickly to filter water for families of 4 people or more. 
  • Two filter size options – To minimize the need for maintenance, you can choose to buy the ProOne Big+ with the larger 9” filter. 
  • Can be used anywhere – You don’t need to connect the ProOne Big+ up to a power source or a water line for it to operate. It’ll work on its own, making it ideal for travel or emergency preparedness.

👎 What I Don’t Like

  • Rust issues – Despite the ProOne Big+ being made from stainless steel, some customers noticed rust issues. This should be avoided with regular cleaning. 
  • Expensive gravity filter – The ProOne Big+ is more expensive than the average gravity filter, costing more than $350.

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the ProOne® G2.0 7″ and the ProOne® G2.0 9″? Should I get the more expensive filter?

The only difference between the ProOne® G2.0 7″ and the ProOne® G2.0 9″ is filter size. Being slightly bigger than the standard 7” filter, the ProOne® G2.0 9″ lasts another 200 gallons. It doesn’t remove any additional contaminants, but you may prefer to buy this filter if you want to limit the frequency of maintenance. 

Is the ProOne a new filter?

The ProOne Big+ has been available for a number of years under a different name (Propur), but the manufacturer has now rebranded and the ProOne Big+ has had a facelift in the process. It still offers the same benefits of the original Propur Big, but has additional features that the original model didn’t have, such as a 6” stand.

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      Yes it does! We lab tested one with untreated river water that had enterococcus, e.coli and coliform bacteria, and it removed 100% of all bacteria (we are working on an update to the article)

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