Kind (formerly Evo) E-1000 Whole House Water Filter Review

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🧾 Overview

The Kind Water E-1000 Whole House Water Filter is a 15 GPG two-stage cartridge-based water filtration system that features a sediment filter and a carbon filter. This affordable system can be installed inside or outside and removes sediment, chlorine, chloramine, and more. 

Evo E-1000 Whole House Water Filter

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📝 System Specifications

System Typecartridge-based
Filter TypesSediment and coconut shell carbon
System Dimensions25¼ inches x 15½ inches x 8 inches
Maximum Flow Rate15 GPM
Operating Pressure25-120 PSI
Household SizeUp to 6 Bathrooms
Maximum Hardness75 GPG 
Operating Temperature36-120 F
Required pH6.5-11
Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide 0 mg/L
Maximum Iron 0 mg/L

💡 Features

Removes hundreds of contaminants

The Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter combines sediment and carbon filtration to remove hundreds of common chemicals and organics from city water. 

Removes hundreds of contaminants

The Evo E-1000 Whole House Water Filter combines sediment and carbon filtration to remove hundreds of common chemicals and organics from city water

Indoor or outdoor installation

This whole house filtration system can be safely installed indoors or outdoors. 

Brian removing the filter housing of Kind E-1000 Whole House Filter

Fast flow rate

The Kind E-1000 has a flow rate of up to 15 GPM, and is suitable for homes with up to 6 bathrooms. 

Easy to install and maintain

As a cartridge-based filtration system, the Kind E-1000 is easier to install and maintain than tank-based units

Good warranty and satisfaction guarantee

This system is backed by a lifetime warranty and a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try the filter risk-free.

🚦 Performance

The Kind Water E-1000 Whole House Water Filter ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to performance. 

One of the most important performance features of any whole house filter is flow rate, and this Kind Water model has a maximum water flow of 15 GPM. What does this mean? You shouldn’t notice an obvious slow down in your water flow, whether you have a smaller 1-bathroom home or a large home with 6 bathrooms. 

As a cartridge filter, the Kind E-1000 is slightly more limited than tank-based systems. When the cartridges become clogged with contaminants, the water flow rate may decrease. This is more likely if your water contains more total dissolved solids than average. Although the filters are designed to remove contaminants, the poorer your water quality, the more quickly they’ll become clogged. 

In terms of contaminant removal, the Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter offers a fairly standard performance, removing a selection of the most common city water contaminants (more on that later in this review).

evo e-1000 installed in home

🔧 Installation & Maintenance

Installing the Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter is fairly easy. As with any whole house water filter installation, you’ll need some handy skills and DIY knowledge. The system comes pre-assembled and has a compact build, reducing your maintenance tasks and making it suitable for installation in tight spots. 

The unit can be fitted to most types of plumbing with just two connections. Plus, it can be installed indoors or outdoors, so you have more options for the installation location. You can safely install this unit yourself without voiding the warranty – there’s no need for a professional plumber.

As for maintenance, the Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter’s sediment and carbon filters both need replacing once a year (you can sign up for the manufacturer’s AutoShip program to get annual filter deliveries for around $120). This is a fairly average lifespan for a whole house cartridge filter. 

Changing the filters is easy and doesn’t require tools. Simply twist the old filters to remove them from the housing and replace the old cartridges with new ones. Twist the filters back in place – and that’s it.

Parts and components of evo e-100

📝 Filter Info

The Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter has two filters: a 5-micron pleated sediment filter and a coconut shell carbon filter. Both of these filters are commonly found in whole house water filters, and for good reason – carbon is one of the best filter media for removing city contaminants, and a sediment filter is required to protect this media.

The sediment filter traps sediment, including sand, dirt, dust, and rust. The carbon filter uses a process known as adsorption to pull contaminants out of water, including chlorine, benzene, chloramine, and hundreds more chemicals and organics. 

If you have city water that contains all the common contaminants, this filtration system should suit you well. It’s not particularly specialized, though, so don’t expect it to remove the likes of fluoride, arsenic, or bacteria. 

evo e-1000 features

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🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What We Like

  • The Kind E-1000 Whole House Water Filter is one of the best whole house filtration systems we’ve tested for the price. You get a whole lot of features for less than $800. 
  • The system is designed to treat water in homes with up to 6 bathrooms delivering a flow rate of up to 15 GPM, so it’s suitable for the majority of families. 
  • You can’t go wrong with combined carbon and sediment filtration, and the Kind E-1000 removes hundreds of the most common city water contaminants. 

👎 What We Don’t Like

  • The filters may become quickly clogged if your water quality is particularly poor, affecting flow rate. 
  • There are no specialized fitler media in this system, so the unit can’t tackle difficult-to-remove contaminants like fluoride and arsenic. 

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install this whole house water filter?

It’s best to install this filtration system indoors, such as in your garage or basement, upstream of your hot water heater. However, the system is also designed for outdoor installation. 

What’s included in the box?

Included with the Kind E-1000 are filter housing, sediment and carbon filters, mounting hardware, a spanner wrench, o-rings and lube, three-quarter-inch reducers, and a user manual with detailed installation instructions. 

Where is this system built?

The Kind E-1000 is built in the USA

What’s the warranty for this system?

This water filtration system has a limited lifetime warranty and a 120-day money-back guarantee

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      Since microplastics are suspended particles, they can effectively be removed by mechanical separation. The smaller the micron rating of the filter, the smaller micro- and nanoplastics it will be able to reduce.

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