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🧾 Overview

The Answer is a collection of water filters by Epic Water Filters. If you like the idea of filtered water but you’re also loyal to a certain water bottle brand, The Answer is, quite literally, the answer. 

This range of filters can be inserted into your favorite water bottle, such as the Hydro Flask or the Nalgene – effectively turning your bottle into a filter. You get to keep drinking from your preferred water bottle, while benefiting from the purification effects of the filter inside it.

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📝 System Specifications

There are five filters available in The Answer collection, for five types of popular water bottle:

  • Hydro Flask Water Filter
  • Nalgene Filter
  • Takeya Thermoflask Filter
  • Hydro Cell Filter
  • Camelback Water Bottle Filter

While all filters in The Answer collection have a slightly different build to fit the specific bottle they’re designed for, the majority of their specs are the same:  

Contaminants Removed70+
Filter Capacity (Lifespan)75 gallons
NSF CertificationsNo – independently tested to NSF standards
Filter MaterialSolid coconut carbon
Camelback Water Bottle Filter

Takeya Thermoflask
Takeya Thermoflask Filter
Hydro flask
Hydro Flask Water Filter
Hydro cell
Hydro Cell Filter
Nalgene Filter

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💡 Features

Fitted Lid and Straw

Each of The Answer’s lids are designed to fit perfectly onto the water bottle they’re made for. When you suck through the straw, it sends water through the filter and out of the mouthpiece. 

Bottle Filter

The filter sits inside a plastic casing at the bottom of the straw. The design of the straw means that you’ll only access filtered water when you suck through the straw.

Integrated Carry Loop

You can attach the filter’s integrated carry loop to a carabiner or keyring to take with you on-the-go.

the answer components

🚦 Performance

The Answer filters offer an exceptional performance, reducing more than 99.99% of 70+ common drinking water contaminants

While The Answer collection hasn’t been NSF certified, the filters have been independently tested to meet a number of NSF standards, including 42, 53, and 401. An NSF certification would be more reassuring, but it’s still a good sign that the filters have been deemed capable of living up to Epic Water Filters’ performance claims.

Epic Water Filters offers two interchangeable filters that can be used with The Answer, each of which removes different contaminants:

  • Everyday Filter: Removes common tap water contaminants such as chlorine (99.1%), lead (99.9%), microplastics (99.8%) and mercury (91.8%) and PFAS (99%) plus many more.
  • Outdoor Filter: Additionally removes biological contaminants found in natural water sources.

You can see the performance data sheet with the full test results of the everyday filter here, and the outdoor filter here.

The design of these filters certainly contributes to their convenience. Each filter is connected to a straw, which is connected to a lid that has been designed to screw onto one of five popular water bottles: the Hydro Flask, the Nalgene, the Takeya Thermoflask, the Hydro Cell, and the Camelback Water Bottle.

epic water filters the answer hydroflask converter filter

The filters act as straw filters – you simply suck from them, and the force sends water through the filter on its way up the straw. This means you can access clean drinking water instantly, and you won’t need to wait as you would for gravity filtration or UV water bottle purification.

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🔧 Installation & Maintenance

There’s no installation required for The Answer collection – simply screw the lid onto the bottle the lid is designed for, with the filter poking into the bottle.

When you’re not using the filter, you can remove the filter and replace it with your bottle’s lid. The filter-lid combo has a carry loop that means you can hang it from a keyring or carabiner when not in use. 

You can get up to 75 gallons of clean water from The Answer filters. After that time, you’ll need to replace the filter with a new one.

If you drink the recommended daily water intake of half a gallon per day from this bottle, you’d get just over half a year’s use out of it before changing the filter, which isn’t bad at all. Depending on how much you drink, it’s recommended you change your filters 3-4 times per year.

Aside from filter replacements, you’ll need to clean the straw and mouthpiece in the same way that you would clean the parts of a standard drinking bottle. The mouthpiece is fully removable, making it easy to get into the crevices when you’re washing it.

Make sure not to wash the filter itself with soap or put it in the dishwasher by mistake!

EPIC The Answer bottle parts

📝 Filter Info

The Answer’s filter is made in the USA, and is free from BPA and BPS, so you can be sure it isn’t adding anything harmful to your water. 

You can recycle the filter with hard to recycle plastics or #7 plastics, or get involved in the Epic Water Filters recycling program.

The filter is made of solid carbon block and removes contaminants through the process of adsorption.

When using The Answer, you won’t need to buy single-use plastic bottled water. Epic Water Filters estimates that you can personally stop about 550+ plastic bottles from going into oceans and landfills when you use their filter, which is pretty cool.

stop about 550+ plastic bottles

🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What I Like

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to drink filtered water from their favorite bottle
  • Filter has a pretty good lifespan
  • Virtually no setup required, and minimal maintenance
  • Removes more than 70 drinking water contaminants
  • Helps you save single-use plastic water bottle waste
  • Two filter options depending on water source

👎 What I Don’t Like

  • Not actually NSF certified
  • Only designed for select bottles (so far!)

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❔ Frequently Asked Questions

When you change the filter, do you have to change the full thing, or just the filter itself?

You can just change the filter itself, which pops out of the casing at the bottom of the straw.

Do I need to flush the filter before I use it?

No. The filter comes pre-flushed, so you can simply put it in your bottle and start using it straight away.

Can I use The Answer with hot water?

No. Hot water may damage the filters, so you should only use them with room-temperature water

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