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Testing Disclaimer

We test water treatment systems objectively under real-life conditions. The water samples are taken from one single location, have a limited range of contaminants, and may not represent the system’s performance in other areas or under different conditions. Contaminants are not intentionally added for testing purposes. These are limited tests and does not accurately reflect a system’s performance under different conditions, with different contaminants, or its performance over a longer period of time. The results are not comprehensive or conclusive.

Laboratory Quality Assurance Disclaimer

Like all water test results (indeed, all lab testing), results are subject to variabilities and inaccuracies that Tap Score works to understand, limit, and explain. More information about the most common sources of variability that Tap Score are aware of can be found here:

100% Contaminant Removal Rates Disclaimer

A 100% removal rate means there are no contaminant detections above the MDL (Method Detection Limit). The MDL is the lowest concentration of a given analyte for which the laboratory is confident in claiming per each contaminants detection (ie. how low the instruments can measure down to with confidence).

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