SpringWell Water WS1 & WS4 Whole House Well Water Filter System Review

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🧾 Overview

The Springwell Whole House Well Water Filter is a high-capacity filtration system designed to remove up to 7 PPM of iron, 8 PPM of hydrogen, and 1 PPM of manganese.

The system comes in two sizes: a standard size for homes with 1-4 bathrooms and a larger size for homes with 4+ bathrooms.  

springwell whole home filtration system for well water

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📝 System Specifications

Tank width10” (1-4 bathrooms), 13” (4+ bathrooms)
Tank height54” or 64” including head
Connection size1”
Flow rate12 GPM (1-4 bathrooms), 20 GPM (4+ bathrooms)
Water pressure required25-80 PSI
Temperature required36-120 F
pH required6.5- 10

💡 Features

Reduces iron, sulfur, and more

The wS1 and WS4 remove 7 PPM of ferric and ferrous iron, 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, and 1 PPM of manganese (in water with a 6.0-10 pH range). The greensand media also has arsenic and radium reduction abilities. A 100-micron spin-down sediment filter protects the media from damage.

Single-tank oxidation

Both units use a single tank for oxidation, which contains an oxidizing media. This tank comes pre-installed and ready to hook up to your water line, with the media ready to use immediately.

Bluetooth control head

The Bluetooth control head lets you manually set timings for backwashing and air draw. You can connect this to your phone to control your system remotely

springwell whole house water filter bluetooth controlled head

✅ Best For

We think the SpringWell WS series is ideal for people looking for the very best well water treatment solution available today. Neither of the WS water filters is cheap, but you invest in the reassurance of guaranteed results for 20+ years.

🚦 Performance

As far as performance goes, the Springwell WS Whole House Water Filter System is one of the best for all-round iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide removal.

The average well water filter can remove around 5 PPM of iron, and the Springwell can remove 7. The unit’s 8 PPM hydrogen sulfide removal and 1 PPM manganese removal is also very impressive. 

The WS whole house well system uses an air oxidation and greensand media to remove contaminants from well water. Oxidation is a well-known, chemical-free technique for iron reduction, and greensand media reduces radium and arsenic. Most only use oxidation OR greensand, but the WS series offers both.

Backwashing is a natural, unavoidable part of the oxidation process. This Springwell whole house filter handles it quickly, using an Empress Vortech Tank for quick and thorough cleaning of the media. Expect backwashing about once a week, depending on the severity of the contamination.

For homes with the minimum required water pressure of 25 PSI, the Springwell system delivers water promptly. You won’t have to wait several minutes to fill up a glass of water, and you won’t notice a difference in water pressure when you take a shower. 

The WS’s Bluetooth control head serves to fine-tune performance and boost energy efficiency. You can manually set backwashing cycles, air draw and timing, and the unit will remember these settings going forward. 

📌 Note: there’s no difference in contaminant removal between the WS1 and the WS4. These water filters only differ in size and flow rate (the WS1 has a 12 GPM flow rate and the WS4 has a 20 GPM flow rate. If you have 1-3 bathrooms, choose the WS1. For anything more, go for the WS4.

springwell well water iron removal filter results

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📝 Filter Info

Like the majority of well water filters, the Springwell whole house well water filter system uses the air injection oxidation process to remove sulfur, manganese and iron, greatly improving water quality.

At the top of the tank is an air pocket, which oxidizes these contaminants when water passes through. The oxidized contaminants are then filtered out of the system. by the greensand media 

The entire oxidation process takes place in a single tank. This is made possible by the WS’s automatic electronic control valve, which controls a patented piston that keeps the system operating as efficiently as possible. 

There are four steps of filtration in the Springwell well water filter:

  1. After pre-filtration in the included sediment filter, water flows through the tank’s air pocket, and iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized. 
  2. The unit’s greensand bed traps the oxidized contaminants, preventing them from entering back into the water. 
  3. When the system backwashes, the manganese, hydrogen sulfide and iron are flushed out of the greensand bed. A fresh pocket of air is introduced into the tank. 
  4. Clean, filtered water leaves the system and travels into your faucets and appliances. 

The WS is designed to be paired with any other SpringWell system, including the FutureSoft salt-free system and SpringWell’s UV water purification system, to provide additional water treatment. You could even use SpringWell’s Reverse Osmosis Drinking System downstream of the WS for the most thorough contaminant removal.

springwell well water filtration system diagram

🔧 Installation

Even if you don’t consider yourself handy, installing the Springwell shouldn’t prove too challenging. The system comes with detailed instructions for installation, and there’s a handy YouTube video for visual learners. 

If you’re not the DIY type, you may need to call a plumber or a handyman to install the unit for you. 

What’s Included?

The WS system comes with a free installation kit that includes all the basics needed for setup, including:

  • 50-inch drain line
  • Electronic control head
  • Tank and filter media
  • Spin-down sediment filter
  • Hose clamp
  • Bypass valve
  • Power connections
  • MNPT fittings

🛠 Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, there’s virtually nothing you’ll need to do. The oxidation media has a lifetime warranty and lasts between 18 and 25 years.

🔔 Pros & Cons

👍 What We Like

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty – The WS comes with a lifetime warranty on nearly all parts, including the tank and oxidizing media, and SpingWell honors your purchase witha 6-month money-back guarantee. 
  • No maintenance – A huge benefit of this well water system is that it requires no maintenance. Simply program the settings and leave it to it. 
  • Effective iron removal – This unit removes almost equal amounts of iron and sulfur.

👎 What We Don’t Like

  • Costly – The smallest WS unit costs just over $2,000. While this is a worthwhile investment for a well owner, it certainly isn’t cheap. 
  • May require a plumber – You may need to hire a plumber to install the Springwell whole house well water filter, which will cost around $200 extra.

📕 User Manual

Here’s the user manual, containing instructions for the WS1 and WS4

💭 Our Verdict

We’ve tested tens of well water filtration systems, and the SpringWell WS series continues to be our favorite. The WS’s water filtration process is consistently reliable and more thorough than other models, combining air injection with manganese greensand to remove high levels of iron and sulfur, rather than one or the other. We’re impressed.

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❔ Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to purchase anything alongside the Springwell unit for installation?

Yes, you will likely need to buy fittings and connections to plumb the system in. You won’t need to buy components like the electronic head, valves, and bypasses, as these are included in the installation kit.

If I install this filter, will I still need a whole home water softener?

Yes. If you have an issue with hard water, the Springwell whole house water filtration unit won’t solve that. It’s designed to oxidize iron, manganese, and sulfur. A water softener, on the other hand, uses ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from water.

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