Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Work? (This is How to Tell)

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Alkaline water filter pitchers are like traditional filter pitchers with a twist: they also boost water’s pH and enhance it with minerals.

These extra perks sound nice, and you might be wondering whether it’s worth spending a little extra on an alkaline pitcher instead of a standard water filter pitcher.

In this guide, we’ve shared everything you need to know to make this choice.

πŸ“– TL;DR

Alkaline water filter pitchers do work to increase the pH of water, often by releasing minerals from a special filter media. But quality varies from pitcher to pitcher, so do your research before you buy.

❔ What is an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher?

An alkaline water filter pitcher is a pitcher that contains a special type of water filter.

As well as standard filtration media, like activated carbon, to trap contaminants, an alkaline water filter contains minerals and ceramic balls, which boost the pH of water and make it more alkaline.

Most alkalizing water filter pitchers are advertised to increase pH to between 1.5 to 2.5 points. However, the exact pH that can be achieved depends on the starting pH of your drinking water source.

ph scale

βœ… Do Alkaline Pitchers Work?

Yes, alkaline water pitchers work to remove harmful contaminants from water and add beneficial minerals, improving water’s taste and health properties.

Alkalizing water pitchers are an easy, effective means of filtering your water and boosting its pH level. These pitchers may use a variety of filter media, such as ion exchange resin and an activated carbon filter, alongside a remineralization or pH enrichment media, such as ceramic balls.

Do Alkaline Pitchers Work for Well Water?

Some alkaline water filter pitchers work for well water, but some don’t. If your well water supply is very acidic, an alkalizing water pitcher might not be capable of boosting its pH to an alkalized state.

Plus, well water often contains contaminants that can’t be removed by a tap water filter pitcher, such as bacteria, hardness, and iron. This means an alkaline water filter pitcher wouldn’t work for contaminant removal, either.

That’s not to rule all alkaline water filters out for well water treatment. Some may be capable of removing contaminants in your well water source and adequately boosting its pH. Read plenty of customer reviews and buyers’ guides when looking for the best alkaline water filter for your needs.

alkaline water from water ionizer

πŸ“ How do Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Work?

The step-by-step process of how an alkaline drinking water pitcher works is:

  1. You fill the pitcher with unfiltered water from your tap.
  2. Water passes through the filter cartridge, from the top chamber into the bottom chamber.
  3. Depending on the filter cartridge material, various contaminants, like chlorine and heavy metals, will be removed.
  4. The ceramic balls or minerals contained in the filter media will alkalize water, boosting its pH and introducing healthy minerals. Some pitchers also increase the amount of hydroxide in water.
  5. Water collects in the bottom chamber, and is ready for use in place of alkalized bottled water for drinking and cooking.

Different filter models add different minerals to your water. Magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, and potassium are the most common minerals added to water, increasing pH by around 1.5.

You’ll need to buy replacement filters for an alkaline filtered water unit when the filter life comes to an end. An alkaline filtration pitcher will only work within the filter’s expected lifespan.

How an alkaline pitcher filter works

πŸ€” How to Know if an Alkaline Water Pitcher Works?

You might be able to taste the difference between your unfiltered drinking water and the water that has been treated by the alkaline pitcher. Alkaline pitchers typically remove contaminants that contribute to poor taste, like chlorine, and introduce minerals that give water a more pleasant alkaline taste.

However, a better way to know for certain whether your alkalizing water pitcher works is to test your water. You can use a basic at-home water test kit for this.

First, test the tap water that comes straight from your faucet. Note down the acidity of the water and any other parameters that your alkaline filter pitcher should be able to adjust, such as your water’s chlorine content.

Next, test a batch of filtered water from your alkaline water pitcher. If your pitcher is working, your water’s pH should be higher, and certain contaminants should be removed.

Water test

βœ… Benefits of Alkaline Filtration Pitchers

Some of the notable benefits of alkaline water filtration pitchers are:

Improves Water’s Taste

One of the biggest benefits of investing in this water treatment solution is that it should greatly improve the taste of your water. Many alkaline water filters remove contaminants that give water a bad taste and add minerals that give water a pleasant taste. It’s a win-win.

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Easy, Portable Solution

Alkalizing water filter pitchers are very easy to use. Most pitchers just need to be filled with water (and you should only have to do this once or twice for a large-capacity pitcher). You can take an alkalizing pitcher anywhere, as it’s a portable, lightweight solution.

alkaline drinking water


Most alkaline filter pitchers cost less than $50 upfront, and cost around $50 per year for filter changes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy filtered, alkalized drinking water if you use a pitcher.

⛔️ Setbacks of Alkaline Filtration Pitchers

Some of the setbacks of alkaline filter pitchers are:

May Not be Useful

If your water is already alkaline and mineral-rich, using an alkaline filtration pitcher won’t make much difference. You might be drinking alkalized water already without even knowing it.

May Not Make a Big Difference

Don’t expect too much from an alkaline filtration pitcher. Yes, adding minerals and removing contaminants should produce healthy drinking water, but you probably won’t notice any of the so-called health benefits of drinking alkalized water. Your water will, however, taste nicer.

🧠 Alkaline Water Pitcher Filters FAQs

Do alkaline filters really work?

Yes, alkaline filters do work – but some pitchers won’t be worth your money. Do your research and read alkaline water pitcher reviews from industry experts before buying an alkaline water pitcher filter.

What are the best alkaline filtration pitchers?

Some of the current best pitchers for boosting pH are the Invigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher, the Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher, and the Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher. For an updated insight into the best alkaline water pitchers available today, check out our 2024 guide.

PitcherInvigorated Water pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher
Invigorated Water pH Restore
Alkaline Water Pitcher
Ehm Alkaline Water Pitcher review
Ehm Alkaline
Water Pitcher
Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher
Santevia Water Systems
Alkaline Water Pitcher
pH Adjustment+2.0+2.5+2.0
Capacity8 cups8.4 cups9 cups
Filter longevity96 gallons50 gallons80 gallons

Can you drink alkaline water everyday?

Yes – it’s just normal water with added minerals and a higher pH. Many people drink bottled alkaline water every day in place of tap water. In this case, alkalizing your tap water just makes sense.

Is Brita water pitcher alkaline?

No. Brita’s pitchers can only provide basic filtration – they remove chlorine, lead, asbestos, and a few other contaminants.

πŸ“‘ Takeaway

Alkaline water filter pitchers do work to alkalize water, usually by introducing alkaline minerals into your pitcher water. However, quality varies from pitcher to pitcher, and it’s important to look for the best alkaline water pitcher to avoid disappointment.

Also, keep in mind that alkaline filters aren’t miracle products. Some manufacturers will make loose health claims about the benefits of drinking alkalized water, but many of these are unsupported by extensive scientific evidence. It’s unlikely that you’ll wake up a brand new person, bursting with energy, with clear skin and shiny hair, just from drinking alkaline water.

Alkalizing water filter pitchers are great if you manage your expectations. Not only will you get to enjoy filtered water, but you’ll enjoy water that tastes better and has a few additional healthy minerals, too.

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