Water Safety Concerns Following the Delaware River Chemical Spill

2023 Delaware Chemical Spill

đź“Ś Key Takeaways

  • Searches for “water alternatives” are up 375% in the past day in Pennsylvania
  • Searches for “water filter” are up 237% in the past day in Pennsylvania
  • 12% of residents don’t have a 2-day supply of clean water.
  • 31% of residents do not trust the advisory that their water is suitable for consumption.
  • 40% of residents are afraid to drink their tap water.

Can You Drink the Water in PA, NJ, and DE?

Thousands of gallons of a hazardous chemical spilled into the Delaware River last Friday. Although officials say Philadelphia’s water is safe to drink, experts disagree. To gauge public concern, we surveyed Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware residents about how they feel about their drinking water and how capable they are to get through this crisis. Our results indicate how unprepared many of them were.

Managing Without Clean Water

Even though officials in Philadelphia have rescinded their bottled water alert and those in New Jersey claim their drinking water was never affected, over a third of residents there and in Delaware are nonetheless afraid to drink their tap water. Most of them have had access to bottled water, but a small few were unable to get any. Hopefully, they had the proper water testing tools to ensure theirs was safe to drink.

Water availability and trust among Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents infographic


WaterFilterGuru.com surveyed 100 residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Of the respondents, 52% were female, and 48% were male. 

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