Water Worries: Americans Fear Contamination Will Last for Years

America’s Fears Following 2023 Ohio Train Derailment

The recent East Palestine train derailment has people in Ohio and the rest of the country worried about the fallout from the hazardous chemical spill which released substances such as vinyl chloride into the environment. The EPA has taken over managing the cleanup, but do Americans think the government is doing enough? How fearful are they of the current situation and its future impacts? We surveyed hundreds of Americans, including many Ohio residents, to find out how they feel about water safety in the U.S.

American's fears after the east Palestine train derailment infographic
Americans thoughts on the after effects of the East Palestine train derailment

💡 Key Takeaways

  • 83% of Americans do not believe the government has taken appropriate measures to clean up the spill and prevent future incidents.
  • 65% of Americans do not believe the government reports saying the water and air in the East Palestine, Ohio, area are safe.
  • 65% of Americans are concerned about the long-term financial impacts of the spill.
  • 64% of Americans believe the government could do more to help the people of East Palestine, Ohio.
  • 50% of Americans are concerned about acid rain in their area:
    • 58% in the Northeast
    • 51% in the Southeast
    • 50% in the West
    • 46% in the Midwest
    • 39% in the Southwest
  • 29% of Americans are interested in testing their household water for contaminants because of the train derailment.
  • Of Ohio residents:
    • 97% are concerned about the long-term environmental impacts of the spill.
    • 81% are concerned about the long-term financial impacts of the spill.
    • 97% are concerned about the long-term health impacts of the spill.
    • 73% do not believe the government is doing enough to help the people of East Palestine.
    • 62% do not believe the incident in East Palestine is getting adequate media coverage.
    • 80% do not feel the authorities responded to the incident appropriately or in a timely manner.
    • 86% do not feel they’ve received enough information about the incident and risks associated with the toxic chemicals involved.
    • 47% are considering seeking out their own water screenings/tests.
    • 17% have noticed changes in their community since the train derailment (such as increased water and/or air pollution).
    • 19% have switched to bottled water as a result of the incident.
    • 67% are concerned about acid rain in their area.
    • 56% believe it will be years or longer until East Palestine’s drinking water is safe.
    • 85% think the government should open more clinics to help East Palestine residents.
    • Only 2% of parents would let their child(ren) bathe in East Palestine’s tap water.


WaterFilterGuru.com surveyed 503 Americans and 343 additional Ohioans about the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Of the respondents, 24% are from the Northeast, 25% are from the Midwest, 27% are from the Southeast, 11% are from the Southwest, and 12% are from the West.

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