Water Restrictions in McKeesport, PA, Extended After One Week

A week-long McKeesport water “do not use” advisory has been extended after further contamination findings prompted additional testing.

The initial “do not use” notice was issued on July 17.

The cause of potential contamination was firefighting foam, which had been sucked into a hydrant in the area near West 5th Avenue following a fire on July 16.

Residents were advised not to drink their water while the local system was flushed and tested to confirm that no further contaminants remained.

Initially, the “do not use” order – otherwise known as a boil water notice – impacted about 250 homes and businesses.

On July 18, Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County officials posted an update, informing customers that it would be at least a week before the water supply was once again safe for all users in the area.

As well as not drinking the contaminated water, residents were also advised not to shower in it. Those in the affected area were temporarily provided access to the showers in McKeesport Area High School.

Further notifications informed customers that additional testing had been carried out, and was “good but not final”, meaning that more testing would be required.

In the most recent update, posted yesterday (Friday, 23 July), the authority shared that contaminants had been found during testing, and the “do not use” order would remain in place.

To learn how to react to a “do not use” or boil water notice, click here.

Further updates are pending.