Boil water alert issued to Huron Township, MI after large main water break

boil water advisory

A boil water alert has been issued to residents in Huron Township after a large main water break on Sunday, October 10.

The alert was issued by the Huron Township Police Department, and customers in the entire Township were asked to temporarily boil their water as a precautionary measure.

While a police spokesperson said on Facebook that they didn’t believe the leak had caused water pressure to drop to a dangerous level, authorities were “airing on the side of caution” while repairs were made to the pope and the system was properly flushed. 

The notice stated that once the proper testing was completed, the boil water notice would be lifted.

There have been several updates on Facebook since then. 

Yesterday (Monday, October 11) water pressure was restored, but the boil water alert remained in place. A police representative said that the alert would remain in effect until the two clear test results were obtained 24 hours apart.

A further notice said that water tests would begin today (Tuesday, October 12), and another test would be carried out tomorrow. 

Huron School has also closed as a precautionary measure, after officials notified the school that they “cannot guarantee that water is safe to drink or use for hand washing at this time”.

You can follow the Huron Township Police Department on Facebook for news and updates on the alert. For more information on staying safe when a boil water notice is issued, click here