Boil Water Advisory Issued to Parts of Englewood, CO

A boil water advisory has been issued to residents in some parts of Englewood, CO, after a sample of the city’s drinking water tested positive for E. coli yesterday (Wednesday, August 4).

The advisory was sent to affected residents as an emergency alert. A post was also shared on that read:

“On August 4, 2021, the City of Englewood issued a boil water advisory for a specific section of the City’s water distribution system.

On August 3 and August 4, the City of Englewood collected water quality sample from 24 sites throughout the City’s water system. One sample site of the 24 sample sites was found to contain the presence of E. coli. E. coli bacteria can make people sick and is of particular concern to people with weakened immune systems.

To determine if you are in the impacted area, Zone 1, please visit Please assume you are served by Zone 1 until you confirm otherwise.”

In a further Twitter update, Angela Goodman, Deputy Director of the City of Englewood Utilities, said that officials were “working very hard to resolve the situation”.

She added:

“We’re flushing the distribution system, we’re performing an investigation of the sample site where the positive test occurred.”

Officials are still waiting for a negative test result before the boil water advisory can be rescinded.

In the meantime, a water distribution site has been temporarily opened for residents in Zone 1 who are affected by the boil water advisory.

Each person is entitled to 64 oz per day. The distribution site will remain open until the advisory is rescinded.

Click here to learn more about staying safe when a boil water advisory is issued.

Updates are pending.