Boil Water Advisory Issued To Hillsdale, MI Residents For Scheduled Maintenance

A boil water advisory has been issued by Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities for residents in some parts of Hillsdale, MI, coming into effect today (Thursday, August 12).

The advisory, which will continue until further notice, recommends that public water users boil their water before drinking and cooking, or switch to bottled water until the advisory is rescinded.

At around 9 a.m, water will be turned off while BPU staff replace a fire hydrant located at the corner of Barber Drive and Hillsdale Street. Residents in 285, 290, 291, 298, 303, 304, 311, 322, 332, 334, and 339 Hillsdale Street and all of Williams Court will be temporarily without water.

According to a Facebook update, the water is expected to be shut off for around three hours. Turning off the water supply will also result in a drop in pressure, which poses a risk of contamination in the pipes.

BPU plans to take samples of the water supply for testing once work is complete. Two consecutive bacteria tests must be carried out, and both must come back clear, before the boil water advisory can be rescinded.

It’s expected for the advisory to be in place for at least 48 hours after the first water sample is taken, which should be around midday today. However, additional time may be required if contamination is detected.

BPU will notify customers via their website, social media and on the radio when water can be safely consumed without boiling again.

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