Boil Water Advisory Issued to Community in Brookdale, SC

The City of Orangeburg DPU Water Division has issued a boil water advisory for residents in the Brookdale community, in South Carolina.

The precautionary advisory came into effect yesterday (Wednesday, July 28) and applies to public water customers in Viveke Avenue, Esther Lane, Bliss Lane, and those living in 296 to 211 Shadow Lawn Drive in Orangeburg County.

DPU officials reported that a water service leak in the vicinity required the water main to be temporarily shut down while repairs were carried out.

Customers near to the affected area who have noticed a drop in water pressure or lost water are also being asked to follow the boil water advisory.

The Orangeburg DPU has asked customers to boil their water before drinking and cooking until otherwise notified.

Though the leak is now repaired, residents must wait for bacteria testing to be carried out before the public water supply is deemed safe for drinking.

It typically takes a minimum of 24 hours for bacteria test results to be returned.

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