Where to Buy a Water Softener (5 Options from Best to Worst)

Wondering where you can buy a water softener? Here, we’ve shared the numerous online and brick-and-mortar locations that sell water softeners, where you can get the best deal, and more.

📌 Key Takeaways:

  • You can buy a water softener directly from the manufacturer, from local water treatment companies, big box stores, third-party distributors, and second-hand marketplaces.
  • You can buy salt, parts, and replacement resin for a water softener from most stores that sell water softeners.
  • You’ll usually get the best deal if you buy from the manufacturer or a third-party distributor.

🏪 Where to Buy Water Softeners

Direct from Manufacturer

The most obvious place to buy a water softener is directly from the manufacturer.

However, this is only an option if you’ve already done your research and you’re certain about a specific product that you want.

You can usually get a great deal on a water softener if you buy direct because the manufacturer gets 100% of the sale, so – unlike third-party distributors and online marketplaces, which take a cut from the manufacturer’s product – they don’t need to charge any higher.

You might enjoy an even lower upfront cost if the manufacturer offers seasonal sales, such as Boxing Day deals and Black Friday discounts.

Not all manufacturers sell their products themselves. They might link you to another website or big box store that sells their products on their behalf.

Springwell salt-based water softener system

Third-Party Distributors

Another good place to look online for water softeners is third-party seller websites.

Buying from a third-party distributor often means that you can compare multiple listed products from a range of brands and decide on the best system for you.

Many third-party stores have specific niches. They might only sell certain types of water softeners or softeners from specific brands.

As with direct purchases from the manufacturer, you should be able to find third-party distributors with affiliate partnerships, so you can get a discount on your purchase if you buy through an affiliate link.

Plus, many third-party distributors offer discounted products as an incentive for you to buy from them, and not from their competitors or the manufacturer.

Quality water treatment website

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon sell a range of water softeners by different brands.

When you buy on an online marketplace, you can often enjoy the convenience of fast shipping and the reassurance of a protected purchase. If something goes wrong, you’ll likely be able to get a refund without too much hassle.

Again, look for affiliate websites that offer discount links to buy water softeners on online marketplaces, often for a cheaper price.

🕵️‍♂️ Be careful what you buy on an online marketplace. Many marketplaces sell a selection of discontinued products, which means you might end up buying a water softener that’s nowhere near as efficient as the other, more modern softeners available, and you’ll struggle to find parts for the softener for servicing and repairs.

Shopping for supplies online

Big Box Stores

Big box stores like Lowe’s, Walmart, and Home Depot also sell a select number of water softeners.

It’s common for stock to change frequently, so if you see a system you want at a good deal, act fast.

You probably won’t have a big selection to choose from, but most stores will sell a few popular products by well-known brands.

The advantage of buying in-store is that you don’t have to pay for shipping. But you’ll probably end up paying more for the softener itself than you would online.

Sometimes, big box stores offer clearance sales, but it’s worth asking yourself whether you really want a water softener that has been discounted due to its unpopularity.

Local Water Treatment Companies

It’s also worth contacting your local water treatment company to learn about the products they’re selling, and what they charge.

When you buy from a water treatment company, you benefit from the expertise of somebody who knows your local water quality really well, and can recommend the best soft water solution for you.

👨‍🔧 You’ll probably also be able to buy a package that includes installation, and even maintenance, which comes at an extra cost but is ideal for people who don’t want the hassle of carrying out these tasks themselves.

Buying from a local water treatment company usually costs more than buying from anywhere else.

Second-Hand Marketplaces

Finally, consider second-hand marketplaces if you can’t afford the upfront cost of a new water softener system.

You can buy a water softener at less than half its original cost on marketplaces like Gumtree and eBay. Sellers may sell used systems if they’re planning to move or travel, or if the system no longer serves their needs.

The obvious setback of buying from a second-hand marketplace is that you may be sold a faulty or broken softener, and you probably won’t find out until you receive the item. Claiming a refund can sometimes be tricky on these sites, so proceed with caution.

🚰 Where to Buy Water Softener Salt, Resin, & Parts

A soft water system can last upwards of two decades – but only if it’s properly maintained.

You can buy salt, new resin, and parts for your water softener from all the places you can buy new water softeners.

The best places to look for these items are:

  • The manufacturer – usually cheap, and you know the product is specifically designed for your water softener
  • Third-party distributors – another cheap, reliable option with the potential for good deals
  • Big box stores – may sell a few popular salt products, but won’t usually sell resin or replacement parts
  • Local water treatment companies – may sell specific items based on their previous and current product ranges
  • Online marketplaces – sella random selection of everything that will change over time

Again, we recommend checking the seller’s website first, as you’ll often find the best deal there.

📝 Final Word

You can buy water softeners from various online and brick-and-mortar stores, but if you want to get the best deal, we recommend shopping online and comparing your options. In any case, make sure to always buy from a reputable, reliable seller with secure payment options and plenty of positive customer feedback.

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