What is Structured Water? (a Registered Dietician Explains)

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Water, which is the elixir of life, is vital to human survival and plays many different roles in the body.

Drinking water helps regulate our internal body temperature, lubricate our joints, deliver nutrients and more. In recent years, a concept known as “structured water”, magnetized or hexagonal water has emerged.

In this article we are going to discuss what structured water is, evaluate its health claims, and address the controversies surrounding this topic.

📌 Key Takeaways

  • Structured water is water that has been exposed to ultra-violet light and holds a hexagonal shape.
  • This water has been reported to enhance energy among other claims.
  • None of these health claims are supported by scientific evidence.
  • Save money and drink regular water instead!

💧 What is Structured Water?

Structured water is supposedly water that has been unfiltered, mechanically filtered or cleaned in anyway.

In order to properly understand the difference between structured water and plain water we must first understand the molecular structure of water itself.

The chemical formula of water (H20) suggests it is simple, however water molecules tend to form in clusters because of what is called hydrogen bonding.

Structured water refers to water that after being exposed to ultraviolet light will form organized clusters or a hexagon like cluster, hence its other name “hexagonal water”.

Structured water

🔎 What is the Theory Behind Structured Water?

The theory proposed by University of Washington professor Dr. Gerald Pollock suggests there is a fourth phase of water. The first three phases of water being liquid, vapor and ice and the fourth – structured water.

His theory is that when you expose (H20) water to ultraviolet light it changes into H302. This means that the atoms are changed and are in a slightly different formation, carrying a negative charge.

This “structured water” hypothetically carries more energy than regular (neutral charged) water bringing “more energy” to your cells when you drink it. Proponents of hexagonal water suggest this could potentially exhibit distinct properties or differences from ordinary water.

🚰 How Does Structured Water Occur?

Structured watered water can arise through nature. Supporters of structured water share that is can exist naturally in mountain springs, glacial water and other water sources that have not been touched.

Not only that but structured water may also occur through other natural processes, such as temperature or pressure changes.

For example, proponents suggest water can be “restructured” into this hexagonal shape through a source of heat such as sunlight, infrared light, certain crystals, and magnetizing it.

These external factors may influence water’s molecular structure, leading to structured water or hexagonal formations.

Structured water from spring

🩺 Structured Water and Health Claims

Structured water as gathered attention in the wellness community, with the claims of its ability to provide numerous health benefits plain water or tap water does not.

Some of the claims include boosting energy and promoting better digestion as well as enhancing mental clarity and detoxifying the body. Other health claims assert that structured water may help the human body:

  • improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • weight management
  • joint, kidney and liver health
  • enhance sleep quality
  • respiration
  • positive moods
  • muscle contractions

However, it’s essential to critically analyze the scientific evidence supporting these claims. Rigorous human studies and clinical trials are vital to substantiating such claims and separating fact from fiction.

📄 What Does the Research Tell Us?

There is not enough research to support the theory behind structured water and it’s supposed health benefits. However there are some animal studies on the benefits of hexagonal water including the following:

Animal Studies

There was one study in 2013 conducted in rats on magnetized structured water which reduced blood sugar levels and damage to blood and liver DNA in rates with induced diabetes over the course of 8 weeks However, this study was not been reproduced in humans.

In addition, another study completed in 2021 was conducted over the course of 20 years and included a variety of lab and farm animals. After drinking structured water they found that the animals grew faster and were overall healthier.

While these animal studies are promising, research is needed in humans to substantiate health benefits.

Woman drinking structured water

📺 Challenges and Controversies

Even though all of the supposed benefits sound great, structured water faces skepticism and criticism from the scientific community. There is simply little research to support the many health related claims of this type of water.

The majority of proponents that support structured water are those that are selling a structured water product and there is little scientific evidence to back their claims.

Additionally, the scientific community has been able to debunk many of the claims regarding structured water.

  1. The first is that they assert structured water has a hexagonal shape. However, we know that water’s structure is fluid and constantly changing, meaning it would not be able to hold a hexagonal shape.
  2. The second thing to point out is that the chemical structure of water is H20. This means that every molecule of water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. The chemical formula for structured water is said to be H302, however a different chemical formula would mean its a new substance that chemistry scientists have not yet identified.

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📑 Conclusion

In conclusion, structured water, also known as hexagonal or magnetized water, has emerged as an intriguing concept in recent years.

Despite its claims of unique health benefits and proponents’ enthusiastic support, the scientific community remains skeptical due to the lack of robust research supporting these claims.

While animal studies have shown some promising results, human studies are scarce, and further research is necessary to substantiate the alleged advantages of structured water.

Until there is scientific evidence to support these claims, save your money and drink plain tap water!

❔ Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Structured Water?

Structured water molecules are created by exposure to ultra-violet light among other things. However, structured water can also supposedly be made be exposure to certain crystals or sunlight.

Should I Drink Structured Water?

Since there is little to no evidence to support the health claims behind structured water it would likely not benefit you anymore than ordinary drinking water. The most important thing is that you are staying properly hydrated and drinking water throughout the day to reach the recommended 8-12 cups per day.

What is a Structured Water?

Structured water is water that has been exposed to ultra-violet light and holds a hexagonal shape.

What Are the Sources of Structured Water?

Sources of structured water supposedly can include water that is found in high mountain springs, glacial water and other natural sources. Any water that comes from ordinary water filtration processes is not considered to be structured water.

However, structured water supporters suggest that you can create structured water by exposing it to ultra-violet light.

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