Yellow Tap Water Explained

Don’t jump to conclusions. It might be quite alarming but it’s not a guaranteed sign of danger. 

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Should you be worried about yellow tap water?

Test your water first.

Why is yellow water coming out of your tap?

The interior of your faucets wear away over time. Compare the water from one faucet to another and see the color difference to isolate the problem faucet.

Corroded Faucets

Here are a few causes

If all faucets produce yellow water, then it might be...

Your home's plumbing could be old and made from lead and galvanized steel (now outdated).

Rusty Household Plumbing

You might have to replace your entire system. Expensive, yes... but necessary if everything is rusting.

To determine, turn on the hot and cold water faucets side-by-side. If the hot water is discolored, it’s probably the heater.

Rust in Water Heater

Manganese combined with iron in water can appear dark yellow-ish, a common combo in private wells.

Contaminants in Incoming Water Supply

Iron in water has a shade of yellow, orange or brown. It leaves stains or a rusty smell.

Lead can be yellowish depending on certain chemicals or compounds in water it interacts with. It can also be colorless.

Pipe Maintenance

Dislodged rust can be sent to your home during repairs.

No worries, your local authority will inform you ahead.

Burst Pipes

When this happens, sediments and impurities outside the pipe can get into the water supply.

It's a rare problem though.

Fire Hydrant Use

The water pressure changes can dislodge sediments in the pipes when fire hydrants are used during an emergency.


They’re from groundwater that seeps through layers of decaying soil and vegetation before reaching the aquifer, perhaps your well’s aquifer.

They're not dangerous though.

If the issue is plumbing or pipes, contact a professional plumber.

If your pipes aren’t too worn out, water filters may be an option.

If you have a well water supply, a water filter can definitely deal with sediment, iron, manganese and other impurities.

How to fix it?

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