Why Your RO Tank Isn't Filling 

Reverse osmosis tank not filling with water? In this guide, we’ve answered the question: “Why is my reverse osmosis tank not filling up with water?”

Here are some of the problems that might be affecting water flow into your RO storage tank, and how to resolve them.

The main culprit behind a water flow issue in an RO system is a problem with the water storage tank pressure.

Tank Pressure Is Too Low/Too High

If the pressure is too high, you can relieve some of the pressure by draining the water  then gently pressing the Schroeder valve on the tank. If the pressure is too low, use a bicycle pump to increase it.

How To Resolve:

Clogged filters/RO membranes restrict water flow into the RO tank because they reduce the rate at which the water can be filtered.

Clogged RO Membrane Or Filters

The easiest way to resolve a water flow issue caused by clogged filters/membranes in your reverse osmosis system is to replace the old filters as and when needed.

How To Resolve:

Even if your reverse osmosis system and tank are working properly, low pressure from your incoming water supply line might be the reason why the pressure tank can’t fill.

Low Incoming Water Pressure

Consult your user manual to see what your water pressure should be for your reverse osmosis system, then use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure in the water supply line leading to the system.

How To Resolve:

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