Why Is My Brita Filtering So Fast? (5 Possible Reasons)


If you know anything about water filter pitchers, you’ll be aware of their slow, steady filtration rate.

If water flows too quickly through the filter, it doesn’t have enough contact time with the media, and contaminants can’t be removed effectively.

Explore why your Brita filters quickly in this story. Typically, Brita pitchers filter a full batch within 10-20 minutes.

Why Is My Brita Filtration Process So Fast? 5 Reasons

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why your Brita water filter pitcher might be filtering water so fast.

New Filter

If you’ve just replaced your old Brita filter cartridge with a new one, it’s normal to see a significant increase in the filtration speed.

Old, Degraded Filter

This is one of the many reasons why it’s essential to replace your water filter on time, even if you don’t notice much of a difference in your water quality.

Incorrectly Fitted Filter Brita filters need to be attached correctly to the filter housing in order to properly filter your water.

If you incorrectly fit your new Brita filter, water will be able to leak out around the filter and escape into the filtered water reservoir without actually being filtered.

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