Why Does My Water Bottle Smell? (5 Common Causes)


Noticed an unpleasant odor from your water bottle? There are a few reasons why water bottles may smell, and we’ve covered them all in this story.

Here are the 5 most common causes of a smelly bottle.

Bottle Material

Reusable plastic water bottles often carry a mild plastic smell. You’re especially likely to notice this smell when you first open a new bottle.

Lack Of Cleaning

A lack of cleaning is another very common reason why your water bottle might start to smell. This problem applies regardless of the material your water bottle is made from.

Improper Cleaning

If your water bottle smells even though you clean it regularly, improper cleaning might be to blame.

Simply rinsing the bottle with warm water isn’t enough to get it clean.

You need to spend time scrubbing the bottle in hot, soapy water with a bottle brush, which will remove any bacteria or nasties from the inside surfaces.

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