Well Pump Switch: Signs

Your well pump’s pressure switch is an important feature of your well, and if it fails, your well may be unable to function properly.

Discover the necessity of a well pump, reasons for failure, signs of a failing pressure switch, and how to identify a faulty well pump switch in this story.

What Does a Well Pump Pressure Switch Do? A well pump pressure switch gauges water pressure in your well system, signaling the well pump to start or stop accordingly.

Reasons a Pressure Switch Can Fail The main reason for a failing pressure switch is corrosion. A pressure switch uses springs, which help detect and set water pressure.

Signs of a Failing Pressure Switch - The pump won’t switch on, and you have no water - The pump is stuck in a continuous cycle - The pump is operating, but water pressure is lower than it should be

How to Tell if Your Pressure Switch is Bad Before opting for a new well water pump switch, troubleshoot your well system to identify if the pressure switch is the issue.

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