Water Worries: Americans Fear Contamination Will Last for Years

The East Palestine train derailment has raised concerns in Ohio and across the nation due to a hazardous chemical spill, releasing substances like vinyl chloride into the environment.

The EPA has taken over managing the cleanup, but do Americans think the government is doing enough? How fearful are they of the current situation and its future impacts?

We surveyed hundreds of Americans, including many Ohio residents, to find out how they feel about water safety in the U.S.

83% of Americans do not believe the government has taken appropriate measures to clean up the spill and prevent future incidents.

65% of Americans do not believe the government reports saying the water and air in the East Palestine, Ohio, area are safe.

65% of Americans are concerned about the long-term financial impacts of the spill.

64% of Americans believe the government could do more to help the people of East Palestine, Ohio.

50% of Americans are concerned about acid rain in their area: - 58% in the Northeast - 51% in the Southeast - 50% in the West - 46% in the Midwest - 39% in the Southwest

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