Upgrade Water Softener: 5 Signs


Curious if your old water softener is enough or if an upgrade is due? Discover the 5 signs for a water softener upgrade in this story.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 signs that it’s time to upgrade your water softener.

You’re Using A Lot Of Salt And Water

Older softeners waste more resources than newer systems, which conserve water and salt by predicting when to regenerate based on your water usage and hardness.

Your Soft Water Production Is Inconsistent

Old water softeners begin to lose their ability to properly soften water, which means that you may have water that’s only partially soft in your home.

Your Water Consumption Has Changed

A water softener will only work well when it serves the right-sized household for its softening capacity.

If your water usage changes substantially, your water softener won’t be able to perform efficiently for your needs.

You can make sure that a new softener is tailored to your new soft water requirements, and even upgrade from one tank to two tanks.

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