Top 3 Benefits of Using a Water Softener for Pet Grooming

Whether you're a pro groomer or handling it yourself, you may wonder about the best water for optimal pet grooming.

Hard water has several known side effects when used for dog grooming. So what are the improvements and benefits you can expect to see if you install a water softener in your home or business?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a water softener for pet grooming.


Soft water lathers better with soap, meaning that you can use less soap to achieve the same lather as you would with hard water.


Using water that lathers better with soap should help you to achieve a cleaner, softer coat when grooming a dog.


We know that hard water is linked to dry skin issues in humans, while soft water doesn’t cause these issues – and it seems that the same is true for pets.

One 2010 study looked into the effect of shampoo treatment with water softened with ion exchange on dogs with pruritus (itchy skin, often caused by dryness) and dermatitis (skin irritation).

The study found that soft water “significantly decreased” dermatitis and itchiness scores in dogs, while shampoo treatment with normal hard water did not.

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