Testing  Water Quality  at Home


DIY  Water Testing Kits

Easily test your drinking water at home with a DIY kit. Check for contaminants like lead, pH levels, and more by dipping a test strip into your water sample.  It's quick and convenient, though it only detects specific contaminants. 

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Certified Lab Tests

These are more thorough.  They cover a wide range of contaminants and ensure accuracy.   Just follow the instructions to send your samples and receive detailed results via email in 7-10 days.  

Choose a trusted EPA-certified lab like Tap Score by SimpleLab for reliable testing.

Digital Water Testers

High TDS might signal further testing.

These measure TDS, pH, and temperature but don't identify specific contaminants. 

Follow these steps:

Collect a water sample

Calibrate the tester

Dip it in

Read the display

Ensuring Accuracy in Testing

Read and follow the instructions carefully

Wash your hands before you get started

Don’t touch the inside of containers/vials that you’re using to collect water

Wait until you’re ready before opening the testing strips/sample kit

Pour carefully

Time the process with a timer (for DIY test kits)

Take a cold water sample, not hot

Interpreting Test Results

Identify which contaminants are in your water.

Check if their levels exceed health guidelines.

Compare with your water utility's report.

Decide if you need further testing.





Consider installing a water filter if needed.


EPA rules might not detect all dangers. 

Tap Score's stricter standards offer extra safety.

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