Stop Softener Regen: 5 Tips

If you spot a leak or hear an unusual noise while your water softener is regenerating, you might need to stop the regeneration process mid-way through.

But how exactly do you stop a water softener regeneration cycle? Is it safe, or will it damage your softener? And what happens when you continue the regeneration process?

We’ve shared all the answers to these questions in this story. The following methods can all be used to stop water softener regeneration cycles.

Skip Regeneration to the End of the Cycle

Most basic water softeners allow you to program the water softener settings to skip through the regeneration cycles and stop the unit from regenerating.

Unplug The Water Softener

In an emergency, like a leak, swiftly stop water flow through the water softener tank by unplugging it and diverting the water.

Bypass The Softening Unit

To make sure that water can’t get into your water softener in the case of an emergency, bypass the softening unit at the same time as unplugging the system.

Putting the water softener into bypass mode will send water straight through your plumbing, rather than diverting it through the water softener.

A water softener is unable to regenerate without water to fill the brine tank, so bypassing the unit will stop the regeneration cycle.

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