Softener: White Residue Causes

If you’ve invested in a water softener, you were probably hoping that you could wave goodbye to your water quality issues.

So if you notice white residue from your softened water, you might be wondering whether you spent your money wisely.

White residue from water softeners is a sign that something isn’t quite right – but the good news is that the issue can usually be resolved quickly. In this story, we’ll show you how.

Too Much Salt In Your Soft Water

It’s unlikely that the very low levels of salt in softened water will leave white spots on your surfaces.

Wrong Salt Type

Using the wrong type of salt, or an inefficient salt type, could cause excess salt deposits in your home due to the salt’s inability to properly dissolve in the water.

Salt Mushing/Bridging In Brine Tank

This process will only work properly if the salt tank doesn’t have issues with salt mushing or bridges.

A salt bridge forms over the salt pile in the tank, preventing salt from dissolving in the water, meaning that the hard minerals present in your water remain.

Salt mushing happens when dissolved salt recrystallizes at the tank's bottom, forming a sediment layer that hinders proper water intake into the resin tank during regeneration.

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