Softener: Saves Money in 6 Ways

Water softeners aren’t cheap. Cabinet-style systems cost at least $400, and the more sophisticated two-tank units start at $800.

Concerned about the high upfront cost of a water softener? Explore in this story the top 6 ways it can save you money, helping you make an informed decision.

A water softener saves you money by maintaining efficient appliances, reducing your soap use and cleaning duties, and increasing the value of your home.

Reduced Spend On Cleaning Products

The first money-saving benefit of a water softener is that it reduces your spend on cleaning products.

Reduced Water Heating Bills

Installing a softened water system is the best way to enjoy energy savings with your water heaters.

Reduced Appliance Maintenance/repair Spend

Hard water diminishes flow, clogs appliances, and causes mineral buildup, leading to increased maintenance and repairs for washing machines and dishwashers.

You can eliminate the costs associated with inefficient and broken appliances by installing a hard water treatment system.

Soft water doesn’t produce scale, so you can enjoy the best performance from your high-efficiency appliances and avoid costly repairs and maintenance.

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