Sip Wellness from Your Glass

Water is essential for all life forms, meaning without it, all life would cease to exist. You may remember from science class that the human body is made up of about 60% water.

As you can imagine, if your body is made up of mostly water, it doesn’t do too well without it. You can survive a few weeks without food but only 3 to 5 days without water.

There are many different reasons why drinking water is essential to the human body. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to drink enough water a day.

Regulates body temperature

When your internal body temperature rises from physical activity or climate conditions, water plays a key role in helping your body cool down through blood circulation, sweat, and respiration.

Moistens tissues

Water helps to moisten and lubricate a variety of tissues in the body including your eyes, nose and mouth. This is because water is necessary for mucous, saliva, and tear production.

Lubricates joints

Similar to the above, water is needed to produce other bodily fluids such as synovial fluid and cerebrospinal fluids. These are fluids that cushion your joints.

Helps to protect the body’s tissues and organs.

As you can tell, water helps to protect our body’s tissues and organs in a variety of ways – help to produce fluids that cushion and lubricate joints, thermoregulation, and more.

Helps the body flush out waste products

Drinking water helps to flush out waste products through bowel movements and urination. Water is necessary for the formation and excretion of urine by our kidneys.

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