Signs  You Need a  Water Softener

Residue on glassware

Calcium and magnesium cause those white stains on your dishes and glasses.


Hard water minerals leave behind a soapy residue that clogs pores. Eczema is worsened by clogged pores.

Itchy and irritated skin


Hard water mineral-buildup strips hair of its natural oils.

Dry and flaky hair


Yup, that stain you see on your faucet opening, countertop, and glass shower doors

Hard water stains in sinks & tubs


Your detergent won’t work well with hard water, so you’ll need more detergent. More detergent means more discoloration.

Faded or dull colored clothes


If you’ve seen that crusty residue that blocks the holes of your showerhead, wait ‘till you see the heating rods of your water heater.

Scale buildup on faucets & appliances


That same scale buildup on your electric kettle will render it inefficient, and your water heater too.

More expensive utility bills


Need we say more?

Always needing the plumber


Benefits of a Water Softener

No scale buildup

Save money on heating bills

Spend less on soap and detergents

Appliances work more efficiently

No soap scum

No negative impact on skin and hair

Your Options

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Water Conditioners

Electronic Descalers

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