Showering Habits of the Modern American

With trends like the “no poo” method gaining traction on TikTok, wanted to explore people’s showering practices further.

To do so, we surveyed over 1,000 Americans about hygiene habits and their impact on the environment and personal relationships.

Dividing respondents by different demographics, we got an unfiltered look at the truth behind the shower curtain. Ready to take a look?

Among the Americans we surveyed, showering is far more prevalent than bathing: 85% said they prefer to shower.

In fact, the average American showers six times a week for about 15 minutes each time, amassing over 4,600 minutes and nearly 10,000 gallons of water a year per person.

Time spent in the shower also varied by generation: millennials took the longest showers, and Gen Zers took the shortest.

Unsurprisingly, Gen Z was also the most likely to say environmental impact affected their shower length.

Using less water reduces CO2 emissions, so shorter showers can significantly help the health of the environment.

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