Should I Use a Reverse Osmosis System for Well Water?

Trying to decide whether or not a reverse osmosis system is suitable for treating your well water supply?

Here, we've provided essential information about reverse osmosis for well water, covering the process, removed contaminants, and system selection considerations.

A reverse osmosis (RO) system is a type of water treatment system that uses a process called reverse osmosis to filter water.

A reverse osmosis system may be installed at your home’s point of entry (whole home RO systems) or at a specific point of use (under-sink RO systems or countertop units).

The location of the unit determines whether it protects your entire plumbing system from contaminants, or whether it just filters your drinking water.

Most RO filters have a storage tank, which stores the filtered water so that it can be delivered to your faucet when needed.

Some systems are tankless, which means they’re more space-saving, but you’ll have to wait longer to access purified RO water.

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