Save Water at Home: 21 Easy Tips

Whether you live in an area that’s prone to drought or you just want to protect a vital source, you might be keen to make more effort to conserve your water.

Explore 21 simple water conservation methods here. Saving water not only cuts costs but also reduces the demand on natural resources.

Let’s take a look at 21 of the most effective methods of conserving water at home.

Only Flush When You Need To If you often flush facial tissues and other bits of waste down your toilet, start putting these in your garbage can instead.

Only Wash Full Loads Of Laundry If you always have a load of laundry on the go, make sure to only switch on the washing machine when you have a full load ready.

Use Shorter Wash Cycles Unless you’re washing heavily soiled clothes, you don’t need to set your washing machine to a 2-3-hour wash.

Switch To High-Efficiency Appliances A high-efficiency washing machine uses much less water than a standard washing machine.

Flush Less Water Down The Toilet Consider buying a toilet flapper, which you can adjust to control the amount of water that flows into the toilet with every flush.

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