Rust Removal: 7 Effective Ways

Rusty well water doesn’t just look and taste bad – it might also be a sign that you have a problem in your water that needs addressing.

In this story, we’ve shared the 7 best methods to get rid of rust in a well water supply. We’ve also shared the possible causes and effects of rusty well water.

Here, we’ve shared the 7 best methods to get rid of rust in your drinking water well supply.

Chemical Injection Systems

A chemical injection system that uses hydrogen peroxide is an effective, but expensive, whole home water treatment system for removing iron and rust.

Air Injection Systems

An air injection oxidizing filter system can remove iron and iron residue, as well as manganese and sulfur (which gives water a distinct rotten eggs smell).

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters remove large particles of sand, silt, dirt, debris, dust, and rust.

You can find sediment filters in a range of micron sizes, from 5 to 100 microns – and sometimes even higher.

A sediment filter effectively removes rust flakes from water but does not address water quality if dissolved ferrous iron is the primary concern.

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