Residential Water Treatment Glossary

From understanding the potential contaminants lurking in tap water to navigating water filters and water filtration systems, there’s much to learn.

This glossary breaks down the essential terms used in water treatment and filtration.

Whether you’re concerned with water quality or the processes that make it safe to drink, this comprehensive guide helps clarify the terminology.

Water Quality and Treatment Water quality is a cornerstone of public health, with water treatment practices ensuring that our drinking water is safe and free from harmful contaminants.

Backwash: Reversing the flow of water through a filter or ion exchange system to clean out trapped particles or regenerate the medium.

Biocide: A chemical agent that can kill living organisms; often used to disinfect water or other substances.

Brackish water: Water with more salinity than freshwater but less than seawater; typically found in estuaries where freshwater rivers meet the sea.

Brine: A high-concentration solution of salt in water.

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