Removing Hard Water Stains

How To Remove  Hard Water Stains

Here are 6 methods you can use

Distilled White Vinegar

Is safe, natural, and effective at cleaning even the toughest stains


Lemon Juice

Is another effective solution because of its high acidity. It’s good for glass shower doors, faucets and even your washing machine.


Baking Soda

Is another popular natural cleaner. You can start with baking soda and water. 


Not cutting it? Try mixing vinegar and baking soda.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Has decent cleaning power and rivals commercial products. It’s good for toilet bowls, bathtubs, and metal fixtures.


Fluoride Toothpaste

It turns out it’s not only best for teeth, for hard water stains too.


Acidic Cleaning Products

Well if you have these already on hand, no need to look for lemon juice, right?


Hard Water Stains Prevention

Well if you want to stop them from forming in the first place, install a point of entry water softener.

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