Remove Heavy Metals: 7 Ways

Heavy metal pollution is a huge problem, and the majority of homeowners drink heavy metals in their water every single day.

Discover 7 effective methods to eliminate heavy metals from your drinking water in this story. Many public water supplies contain traces of toxic heavy metals.

We’ve shared the 7 most common methods of removing heavy metals from drinking water here.

KDF Filters

KDF filters use an oxidation/reduction reaction to remove water-soluble metals like copper, lead, nickel, mercury, and chromium.

Activated Ceramic Filters

Activated ceramic filters are often found in portable emergency filters and countertop gravity filters.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis systems combine multiple filtration processes, including activated carbon and sediment filters, and a reverse osmosis membrane.

Reverse osmosis water filters are usually installed as under-sink or countertop units. Some whole house RO systems are also available.

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