Nutritionist's Guide to Water pH

Water is essential for our well-being and survival. While we often focus on the source and quality of our drinking water, another critical factor that deserves attention is its pH level.

The pH of water can significantly impact its taste, safety, and potential health benefits.

We’ll explore the importance of pH in drinking water and discuss the ideal pH range for optimal health.

The pH Scale

The pH scale is probably something that you learned about in grade school. It is essentially a way of measuring the alkalinity or acidity of a solution or substance. The pH scale is a range from 0 to 14.

What pH Level is Safe for Drinking?

The EPA recommends that public water systems maintain their water between 6.5 and 8.5 pH range.

Unsafe pH Level

If the pH is less than 6.5, this can indicate acidic water. When acidic the water may be contaminated with pollutants, making it unsafe to drink. If water is too acidic it can also damage metal pipes.

Alkaline Water Trend

In recent years, an alkaline water trend has emerged. So what is alkaline water? It’s generally water with a ph greater than 8.5.

Impact of pH on Drinking Water

Taste and Palatability: The pH levels of water can impact its taste. Water that may be too acidic or alkaline may have poor taste and make it less appealing for the consumer.

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