Not Changing WATER Filters: 3 Dangers

You might think your water filter is doing just fine and doesn’t need changing as often as the manufacturer instructs.

In this story, we’ve shared all the dangers of not changing your water filters, and offered insight into how to know when to replace an old filter.

If you don’t change your filter regularly, you’re at risk of drinking bacteria that has grown on the filter’s surface or contaminants leached back into water.

Harmful Bacteria Growth on Filter Media

The longer this biofilm is allowed to grow, the more bacteria are present, and the greater your risk of getting sick.

Leaching of Trapped Contaminants Back Into Water

Holes may form in the media, and all the contaminants collected in the filter may begin to leak back into your drinking water.

Ineffective Water Filtration

Even if your old water filter somehow manages to avoid bacteria growth and degradation, the filtration process will still become less effective over time.

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