Low TDS Water: Watch for 4 Effects


Low TDS water has a low concentration of total dissolved solids, meaning that it’s less likely to contain impurities like chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals.

That technically means that low TDS water is safer to drink than normal tap water.

But are there any side effects of drinking water with a low total dissolved solids count? We’ve shared everything you should know in this story.

Reduced Intake Of Healthy Minerals

Normal drinking water provides about 20% of your dietary intake of dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals.

Increased Likelihood Of Metal Leaching

Water with a very low TDS is “hungry” because of its lack of impurities, so it’s more likely to leach metals like copper from your water pipes.

May Trigger Acid Reflux

In this story, water with low TDS concentrations is typically mildly acidic because it’s lacking the impurities that increase alkalinity.

Online sources suggest that individuals prone to acid reflux may experience increased symptoms, including heartburn, when consuming low TDS water due to imbalanced body pH.

However, we could only find anecdotal evidence of this, and no clinical studies, so we can’t confirm that TDS in water has any correlation to acid reflux.

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